March 4, 2021

Airforce XY Group Experience

Hello Friends, I  am Sandip Jha and from Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Recently I am pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering. Today I am going to share my Defence (i.e. Airforce and Navy) recruitment journey.

So Let’s begin from my schooling, I have completed my 10+2 with 90 % .and got selected in JEE Main & Advanced and also some other University entrance exams.

I had no interest in defense services, It’s not mean that I don’t like defense. I love the Indian Armed Forces. My several friends are in defense services i.e. Army, Airforce, and Navy.

in 2018, I have applied for Indian Airforce X Group (Technical Group) and appeared in the exam held in May. that time exam was delayed because of turning into the online exam. Usually, the exam used to held in March month.

My Exam was at 2 PM and reporting time was at 1 PM on PSIT Kanpur. and I wrote the exam.

That time, Exam had 3 sections, I think, maybe the same right now.

1. English  (20 marks)

2. Mathematics (25 marks)

3. Physics (25 marks)

and there is no negative marking.

After 15 days, the result was declared and I got 51 marks out of 70 marks.

and my PFT admit card was also issued in my login panel. I was not even happy because I had no passion for armed forces.

and I have a bit running practice

PFT Standard in Airforce X & Y Group :

The Indian Air Force demands physical fitness and hence it is mandatory to pass the PFT. Following are the fitness test that shall be conducted:

(i)  1.6 km run in 6 min 30 sec

(ii)  10 Push-ups

(iii)  20 Squats

(iv) 10 Sit-ups

Day Of PFT 

My PFT was in ASC(Airman Selection Centre) 3 Chakeri Kanpur.

I had reached a day before in the evening in Kanpur Chakeri and took rest at night. My reporting time was 5 AM the next day. I woke up at 4 AM and got fresh and had some liquid (i.e. Juice and water). I was a bit nervous about running because at 6:30 minutes achieve 1.6 KM distance was a bit difficult for me. I practiced only 6 days. 

at 5 AM, we(all candidates) were in a queue and some airforce staff were checking our PFT admit card and finally, I entered inside the ASC center.

and then they allotted us chest number as mentioned in our Admit card. My Chest number was 72.

and then we went on the running track, and An Airforce Officer came to us and gave instructions regarding PFT. In my running group, there were 120 candidates . and then running starts with a voice of whistle and I ran, initially I control my speed because if initially, I were run fast then I get tired shortly so.  

I have qualified my running within 6:30 and there were only 63 students qualify out of 120.

and after then, in a field, other activities were held push up, squats and sit-ups.

I qualified all rounds and finally, we entered a big hole where the Documentation program was held i.e. Biometric verification, document match with given information due to filling form.

And then, there was a Psychological Test conducted. that was for 45 minutes with 100 questions (Situation Reaction Test, Reasoning, English) and after 30 minutes of finishing this exam, the result declared (an airman come to hole with failed candidate chest number).about 10 candidates failed in Psychological Test. After then, it was time for Group Discussion, A 15 candidates group was going to CO(Commanding Officer) Cabin. after some time an Airman called our 15 candidates group.

In CO Cabin :

There were 15 seats arranged in a semi-circle format. One by one all candidates having their seats.there were 2 officers were sitting in front of us (One was CO and another was any other).

CO introduced itself and greeted us for coming that round . and then we all had 1 minute for giving our brief introduction. one by one we gave our introduction. then an airman distributed the same page to all and said to read carefully within 1 minute then I found on the page that mentioned all about “Women Empowerment” now we have 1 minute again to speak some thoughts about that page. then all candidates gave an explanation about Women Empowerment. now this time was for Group Discussion. I initiated the discussion and other candidates also put their good thoughts, but many candidates were not speech a single sentence. Our GD time was up and all candidates came to the hall and after 15 minutes. CO comes to the hall and named out some candidates’ chest numbers. about 25 candidates got rejected in GD. At last, only about 43 candidates left or finally recommended for Medical Test.

I got my Medical Appointment Letter (Image Given)

At Medical Test day :

Medical Examination conducted by IAF Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and policy into vogue on the subject issue.All medical staff is very strict. A medical examination would also include these Baseline investigations of:-

(a) Blood Test (b) Urine Test

(c) Biochemistry

(i) Blood Sugar Testing Fasting & PP (ii) Cholesterol

(iii) Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine (iv) Serum Bilirubin, SGOT

(d) X-Ray chest ) (e) ECG (Rate)

I reported at 6AM at ASC AMC. AMC took 3 days to get a green card in ASC Chakeri

in My batch 80 candidates reported and out of the 22 got the green card (included me) i.e. Fit Candidates, rest candidates got a red card. (Image Given)

and  I got merit in the final list.

So Friends, If you enjoyed my blog then comment Jai Hind.

I wish, all your wishes come true.


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