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(General Science)

  1. Reproduction is of …………types.
    (a) 1 (b) 2
    (c) 4 (d) 3 Ans. c
  2. What is the name of largest bone in the body(human)?
    (a) Femur (b) Humerus
    (c) Radius (d) Tibia Ans. a
  3. The formula of potential energy :
    (a) 1/2mv2
    (b) 1/2mv2+mgh
    (c) mgh
    (d) None of these Ans. c
  4. Which of the following given animal’s set belong
    to cold blooded animals?

    (a) Crow, Cobra, Frog
    (b) Frog, Crow, Whale
    (c) Fish, Frog, Earthworm
    (d) None of these Ans. c
  5. Power house of cell is ……………. .
    (a) Globulins
    (b) Keratin
    (c) Mitochondria
    (d) Cellulose Ans. c
  6. Which of the following electromagnetic waves
    has the largest frequency :
    (a) X-rays
    (b) Ultraviolet rays
    (c) Microwaves
    (d) γ– rays Ans. d
  7. A total internal reflecting prism has angles :
    (a) 600, 600, 600 (b) 600, 300, 900
    (c) 450, 450, 900 (d) 400, 500, 900 Ans. c
  8. Energy of electromagnetic wave in decreasing
    order will be :

    (a) X rays infrared rays visible light
    (b) Infrared rays X rays visible light
    (c) X rays visible light infrared rays
    (d) Visible light, X rays, infrared rays. Ans. c
  9. Two plane mirrors are inclined at 400. Number
    of images formed the mirror will be :

    (a) 8 (b) 7
    (c) 6 (d) 9 Ans. d
  10. The mirror used in vehicles to see behind is :
    (a) Plane mirror
    (b) Concave mirror/
    (c) Convex mirror
    (d) None of these Ans. c
  11. If the critical angle for a material to is 300, then
    refractive of material will be :

    (a) 1.0 (b) 1.5
    (c) 2.0 (d) 2.5 Ans. c
  12. Waves which can not be polarized are :
    (a) Sound waves in air/
    (b) light rays
    (c) X rays
    (d) radio waves Ans. a
  13. A glass block is placed on a printed paper
    letters of which color will appear to be raised

    the most :
    (a) Red(b) green
    (c) Yellow(d) Blue Ans. d
  14. Which of the following instruments do not
    make use of eddy currents.

    (a) Electric brakes
    (b) Induction motor
    (c) Transformer
    (d) Dead beat galvanometer Ans. c
  15. When light falls on a soap bubble, it shows
    different colors of light. The reason behind
    this phenomenon is :

    (a) refraction (b) reflection
    (c) interference (d) diffraction Ans. c
  16. The peak value of an alternating current is 5 2
    ampere, what will be its average value over one
    cycle :

    (a) 5 Amp (b) 0 Amp
    (c) 10 Amp (d) 2.5 Amp Ans. b
  17. Two wave sources are to be called coherent if

    (a) frequencies are the same
    (b) their amplitudes are the same
    (c) their speed is the same
    (d) their intensities are the same Ans. a
  18. A device which converts D.C. into AC in
    known as
    (a) Rectifier
    (b) Transformer
    (c) Oscillator
    (d) None Ans. c
  19. Which of the following electromagnetic waves
    have the smallest wavelength
    (a) Radio waves
    (b) X– rays
    (c) γ–rays
    (d) Infrared rays Ans. c
  20. Statement (A) Magnetic poles can not be
    Statement (B) Magnetic lines of force are closed

    (a) Statement B is a correct explanation of ‘A’
    (b) Statement B is not the correct explanation of ‘A’
    (c) Both are wrong
    (d) A is correct but B is wrong Ans. a
  21. Polaroid’s are used to–
    (a) To measure temperature
    (b) To measure the intensity of light
    (c) To increase the intensity of light
    (d) To decrease the intensity of light Ans. d
  22. Statement (A) An ideal inductance does not offer any resistance in D.C.
    Statement (B) Resistance offered by inductance is inversely proportional to the frequency of the source.

    (a) Statement A is wrong but B is correct.
    (b) Statement B is wrong but A is correct.
    (c) Both statements are wrong
    (d) Both statements are correct Ans. b

23. The green colour of the plant is due to the presence of:
(a) Carotene (b) Plasma
(c) Chlorophyll
(d) Xanthophyll Ans. c

24. The xylem in plants is responsible for :
(a) Transport of oxygen
(b) Transport of food
(c) Transport of amino acids
(d) Transport of water ans. d

25. Which law was put forward by Ernst Haeckel?
(a) Law of Dominance
(b) Law of Inheritance
(c) Law of Segregation
(d) The Biogenetic Law Ans. d

26. Which among the following is false about

(a) Viscosity of gases is less than it’s liquids
(b) Viscosity of gases increases with rise in
(c) Viscosity of liquid decreases with rise in
(d) Viscosity of liquid decreases with increase in Ans.d

27.Which glass is used to make spectacles?
(a) Crooks glass
(b) Potash glass
(c) Jena glass
(d) Soda glass Ans.a

28. Light travels fastest in
(a) Nitrogen (b) Air
(c) Steel (d) Vacuum Ans. b

29. The spring balance works on the principle

(a) Boyle’s Law
(b) Hooke’s Law
(c) Bernoulli’s principle
(d) Pascal’s Law Ans.b

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