Apply Online ! Khela Hobe Prokolpo Form PDF 2023 Registration

Apply Online ! Khela Hobe Prokolpo Form PDF 2023 Registration

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Apply Online for Khela Hobe Prokolpo Form PDF 2023 Registration and Eligibility & Payment Status:- For the benefit of young people who are unemployed, the West Bengal government has introduced the Khela Hobe Prokolpo Scheme 2023. To apply for work under the Khela Hobe Yojana, a rural employment programme, candidates must fill out an online application.

This job guarantee programme has been introduced for West Bengal’s youth by WB CM Mamta Banerjee. Jobs will be awarded under this Khela Hobe to individuals who held nrega cards from the previous 100 days. We have provided comprehensive information on the Khela Hobe Prokolpo 2023 in this page. The West Bengal government introduced a new project called the “Khela Hobe Scheme” for people who hold an employment card. Khela Hobe Prakalpa: The project will be implemented. Today, we’re releasing the application, requirements, supporting documentation, and programme benefits for West Bengal’s new Khela Hobe scheme.

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Form PDF 2023

West Bengal has started a programme for the state’s youth under which individuals who have served in the MGNREGS for at least 100 days will receive jobs from the state government. This programme is intended for rural residents as part of a job guarantee mission.

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Form PDF

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Form PDF

Khela hobe prokolpo will help job seekers who are now eligible to receive benefits as part of the government’s objective to ensure employment for MGNREGS card holders.Since the central government is not funding the 100-day employment programme, villages are suffering without it, so West Bengal’s chief minister is concentrating on creating jobs for the rural population.

The technique for submitting an online application, or the “khela hobe prokolp apply online procedure,” has not yet been disclosed by the administration.

West Bengal Khela Hobe Prokolpo 2023- Overview

Scheme Khela Hobe
Launched By CM Mamata Banerjee
Beneficiaries MGNREGS Card holders
Benefit Will get jobs
Official Website
We need to wait a little longer to learn more about the Khel Hobe Prokolpo since the Bengali government just recently introduced it and there isn’t much clarity in a thorough way yet.

WB Khela Hobe Prokolpo Eligibility & Documents List

The government has some basic needs for documents, which are shown below.

  • The applicant must be a West Bengal resident.
  • He needs to enlist in mgnrega.
  • He or she needs to have worked 100 days on the job card.
  • Voter ID card, Ration Card, and Bank Account Number
  • Land information

Duare Sarkar Camp Registration

Khela Hobe Prokolpo Registration Form pdf 2023

The WB state government started a programme to give MGNREGS work card holders jobs, enabling them to find employment and make a living.

People who are interested in signing up for the event must now follow the instructions. You must first go to the official web page,

You will see a link for recruitment at the top of this page; simply click it to go to a new page. You can register online and view the most recent job vacancies for panchayati raj positions here.

Apply Online For Khela Hobe Application Form pdf

The state government of West Bengal has started this job programme for young people who are unemployed, and they are now hunting for the application form in PDF format.

Now, in order to receive the benefit, you must be registered with the MGR and possess a job card proving you have worked for more than 100 days.

You can now go to the panchayat secretary’s office and acquire the offline application there. Your documentation will be complete as soon as you fill it out correctly.

And if you meet the requirements, you will be hired in accordance with the department’s policies.

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