How to Get Tea Bench Franchise Cost | Dealership Form| Requirement

How to Get Tea Bench Franchise Cost | Dealership Form| Requirement

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How to Get Tea Bench Franchise Cost | Dealership Form| Requirement | Contact Number:- Tea bench is a convenient, small and portable table used for serving tea or coffee. Made from various materials such as wood or metal, it is available in an array of shapes and sizes, dependent on its purpose. A beloved furniture piece for many centuries, it has become a cultural staple in numerous countries.

Most tea benches feature a flat top supported by legs that reach a comfortable height. Some of them come with foldable tops, which makes them easy to store and transport and allows them to be used indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s in tea ceremonies, coffee breaks or social events, tea benches offer an essential and traditional presence.

In Japan, tea benches signify a gracious host as it is used to serve tea to guests during the traditional tea ceremony. On the other hand, India has many streets adorned with tea benches, serving up hot chai to passersby. These benches have made their way to the UK, US and other nations, now used in homes, cafes and restaurants for offering tea, coffee and other beverages.

How to Get Tea Bench Franchise?

Depending on the culture, materials used and purpose, tea benches come in diverse styles and designs. Some are intricately carved from wood, others are made from metal for a more modern aesthetic. To ensure maximum functionality, many tea benches contain storage compartments to store tea and coffee utensils or a small drawer or shelf for sugar, cream and other condiments.

 Tea Bench Franchise

Tea Bench Franchise

In addition to its utility, tea benches are also decorative pieces that can enhance a living room, kitchen or dining area. Their portable nature also makes them a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor space such as a patio or garden. Tea benches can also be used as display areas for books, flowers or other decorative items.

All in all, tea benches are timeless pieces of furniture that has served many cultures and many more in the years to come. Their portability, functionality and elegance make them a much-needed asset for any home, social event or casual coffee break. There are many shapes, sizes and designs to choose from to bring the desired hospitality to any space. So whether it’s hosting a tea ceremony or having a cup of coffee alone, tea benches provide a lovely and functional presence.

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TeaBench Franchise Cost- Overview

Company Name TeaBench
Year Founded 2014
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Industry Food and Beverage
Franchise Type Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
Number of Locations (as of 2021) 60+
Countries of Operation India, Nepal, UAE, Qatar, Oman
Menu Offerings Tea, Coffee, Snacks, Sandwiches, Desserts
Franchise Fee (estimated) INR 10-15 Lakhs
Total Investment (estimated) INR 20-30 Lakhs
Royalty Fees (estimated) 6% of Gross Sales
Marketing and Advertising Fees (estimated) 2% of Gross Sales
Franchise Term 5 years
Training and Support Provided by TeaBench
Minimum Required Space 200-300 sq. ft.

Requirement For TeaBench Franchise

  • An ideal franchisee should be passionate about the food and beverage industry.
  • Have experience in the sector.
  • Specifically in quick service restaurants or cafes, have a net worth of at least INR 30 Lakhs, possess the ability to handle financial matters, have access to an advantageous site with high foot traffic in an optimal location.
  • Understand local market trends and customer tastes, and have a team to supervise day-to-day activities such as recruitment and training of personnel.
  • Furthermore, the franchisee must follow the TeaBench system and all operational procedures.

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Detail About TeaBench Franchise Cost / Investment

  1. Franchise fee: INR 10-15 Lakhs
  2. Interior design and furniture: INR 4-6 Lakhs
  3. Equipment and machinery: INR 4-5 Lakhs
  4. Initial inventory: INR 1-2 Lakhs
  5. Security deposit and rent: INR 2-3 Lakhs
  6. Working capital: INR 2-3 Lakhs
  7. Legal and professional fees: INR 1-2 Lakhs

The total investment required to open a TeaBench franchise is estimated to be between INR 20-30 Lakhs. This amount may vary depending on the location, size of the outlet, and other factors.

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Profit of TeaBench Franchise Margin

The success of a TeaBench franchise depends on multiple components, including the site, expenses for ingredients, rental, advertising, and other costs related to running the business. As stated on TeaBench’s website, the gross profit margin averages between 60 and 70%, calculated by the price of goods and the expenses of ingredients used in their preparation. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in mind that this figure is merely a rough estimate, and the ultimate profit margin is susceptible to variations caused by various elements.

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Apply Online For Tea Bench Dealership Form 2023

For those intrigued by the beverage industry, a tea bench franchise can offer a tremendous business opportunity. Here are the essential steps to take in order to obtain a tea bench franchise:

Step 1: Analyze Available Tea Bench Franchise Options.

Examine the available tea bench franchises located in the area you are looking to establish a franchise. Determine which one is most appropriate for your circumstances.

Step 2: Connect with the Tea Bench Franchise Company.

When you have determined which tea bench franchise interests you, make contact with the company to learn more about the franchising procedure. Contact them by means of their website, telephone, or email.

Step 3: Study the Franchise Agreement.

The franchise agreement is a legitimate agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the franchise. Take care to study the document closely, comprehending the franchise costs, royalties, and other duties that you must adhere to as a franchisee.

Step 4: Procure Financing.

To commence the process of acquiring a tea bench franchise, sufficient financing is typically essential. Secure financing by means of options such as loans, grants, and investments.

Step 5: Pick an Optimal Location.

Choose a location with maximum visibility and an abundance of foot traffic.

Tea Bench Franchise Founder

Tea benches, an antiquated term for a mobile table for the purpose of delivering tea or coffee, have been utilized for many years in a variety of civilizations and can be dated to antiquity. Nevertheless, when referring to a tea franchise named “Tea Bench,” I am unfamiliar with any particular chain of stores. There might be one in a certain area or country, but I am not in a position to make that declaration without additional facts.

TeaBench Franchise Contact Number Detail

  • Email ID- 
  • Contact number- +91 9841784263
  • Office Address- No 42, AC Block, 3rd Cross Street, 6th Main Road, Anna Nagar Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 6000040
  • Karnataka Office address- Novel Office, 46/4 Garvebhavipalya, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore- 68.

Tea Bench Franchise Official Portal: Click Here

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