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How to Use ICICI Bank Fastag Login: A Complete Guide

In the past, collecting tolls was a laborious process that frequently resulted in lengthy lines and delays. Toll payments, however, have changed since Fastags were introduced since they are now simple and easy. One such site that makes it simple for you to manage your Fastag account is ICICI Bank Fastag Login. We’ll go over what the ICICI Bank Fastag Login is, how to utilise it, and its advantages in this post.

अतीत में, टोल एकत्र करना एक श्रमसाध्य प्रक्रिया थी जिसके परिणामस्वरूप अक्सर लंबी लाइनें और देरी होती थी। हालांकि, टोल भुगतान, फास्टैग पेश किए जाने के बाद से बदल गए हैं क्योंकि वे अब सरल और आसान हैं। ऐसी ही एक साइट आईसीआईसीआई बैंक फास्टैग लॉग इन है जो आपके फास्टैग खाते को प्रबंधित करना आपके लिए आसान बनाती है। हम इस पोस्ट में जानेंगे कि आईसीआईसीआई बैंक फास्टैग लॉगिन क्या है, इसका उपयोग कैसे करें और इसके फायदे क्या हैं।

What is a fastag login for ICICI Bank?

Users may manage their Fastag accounts using the ICICI Bank Fastag Login web site. It is an intuitive interface that makes maintaining your Fastag account easier. Users of the portal may examine their transaction histories, recharge their Fastags, and change their personal information by visiting the ICICI Bank website.

What is the ICICI Bank Fastag Login Process?

The ICICI Bank Fastag login procedure is simple. The steps to log in are as follows:

Visit the ICICI Bank Fastag Login page as the first step. Visit https://fastaglogin.icicibank.com/CUSTLOGIN/Default.aspx to go to the page.

Step 2: Enter your user ID or cellphone number.

3. Type in your password.

The ‘Login’ button should be selected in step 4.

If your information is valid, you will be able to access your ICICI Bank Fastag account.

How Do I Change My ICICI Bank Fastag Login Password?

You may quickly reset your ICICI Bank Fastag Login password if you’ve forgotten it. The steps to changing your password are as follows:

Visit the ICICI Bank Fastag Login page as the first step.

Step 2: Select the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

Step 3: Type in your user ID or cellphone number.

Enter the Captcha code in step four.

In step 5, press the “Submit” button.

Step 6: An OTP will be sent to the cellphone number you registered.

7th step: Enter the OTP into the appropriate area.

Step 8: Enter and validate your new password.

Step 9: Press the ‘Submit’ button.

Your password will be changed, and you may access your ICICI Bank Fastag account with the new password.

How Do I Create an ICICI Bank Fastag Login Account?

You may quickly open an ICICI Bank Fastag account if you don’t already have one. The steps to register are as follows:

Visit the ICICI Bank Fastag Login page as the first step.

In the second step, select the ‘New User Registration’ link.

The third step is to enter your cellphone number and choose “Generate OTP.”

4th step: Enter the OTP into the appropriate area.

Step 5: Enter your car’s information.

Upload your KYC documents in step six.

Make the Fastag payment in step seven.

Step 8: Your Fastag will be enabled after the money has been paid.

The Advantages of the ICICI Bank Fastag Login

ICICI Bank Fastag Login provides its users with a number of advantages. Here are a few advantages:

Easy and straightforward: Making toll payments is simple and straightforward with the ICICI Bank Fastag Login. There is no longer a need for cash transactions because users may recharge their Fastags online.

Time-saving: By using the ICICI Bank Fastag Login, consumers may save time by skipping the lengthy toll booth lines.

Cost-Effective: Fastags is a cost-effective solution for customers since it provides cashback on toll payments.

Real-Time Transaction notifications: Users of ICICI Bank Fastag Login may monitor their toll payments thanks to real-time transaction notifications provided by the service.

Easy Fastag Account Management: Users may easily manage their Fastag accounts using the online ICICI Bank Fastag Login interface. Users may update their personal information, examine their transaction history, and recharge their Fastags.

Why Login to ICICI Bank Fastag?

Users may benefit from a number of benefits by using the ICICI Bank Fastag Login. Here are several justifications for using it:

Convenience: Making toll payments is easy and convenient with the help of the ICICI Bank Fastag Login. Users no longer need to conduct cash transactions because they may pay online.

Time-saving: By using the ICICI Bank Fastag Login, consumers may save time by skipping the lengthy toll booth lines.

Cost-Effective: Fastags is a cost-effective solution for customers since it provides cashback on toll payments.

Real-Time Transaction notifications: Users of ICICI Bank Fastag Login may monitor their toll payments thanks to real-time transaction notifications provided by the service.

ICICI Bank is safe. For maintaining your Fastag account, use the secure interface provided by Fastag Login. Users’ money and personal information is secure, so they can rest easy.

in favour of ICICI Bank Fastag Login

You may get in touch with their customer service department if you experience any problems while utilising the ICICI Bank Fastag Login. The support staff can help you with any questions you have about Fastag and is accessible around-the-clock. You may get in touch with them via phone, email, or by going to the nearby ICICI Bank location.


A user-friendly portal, ICICI Bank Fastag Login, makes it easier to manage your Fastag account. It provides its consumers with a number of advantages, such as convenience, time savings, and cost effectiveness. Users may easily manage their Fastag accounts using the web portal, and real-time transaction notifications make it possible for them to keep track of their toll payments. If you haven’t signed up with ICICI Bank Fastag Login yet, do it right now to take use of its features.

एक उपयोगकर्ता के अनुकूल पोर्टल, आईसीआईसीआई बैंक फास्टैग लॉगिन, आपके फास्टैग खाते को प्रबंधित करना आसान बनाता है। यह अपने उपभोक्ताओं को सुविधा, समय की बचत और लागत प्रभावशीलता जैसे कई लाभ प्रदान करता है। उपयोगकर्ता वेब पोर्टल का उपयोग करके अपने फास्टैग खातों को आसानी से प्रबंधित कर सकते हैं, और रीयल-टाइम लेनदेन अधिसूचनाएं उनके लिए अपने टोल भुगतानों का ट्रैक रखना संभव बनाती हैं। यदि आपने अभी तक आईसीआईसीआई बैंक फास्टैग लॉगिन के साथ साइन अप नहीं किया है, तो इसकी सुविधाओं का उपयोग करने के लिए इसे अभी करें।

icici bank fastag login


CustomerLogin; ConcessionaireLogin

FASTag – Pay Highway Toll Online – Electronic Toll Collection – ICICI Bank

FASTagfromICICIBankis a rechargeable tag that makes your road trips more enjoyable. With this tag affixed securely on your vehicle, you can bid goodbye to long queues at toll plazas.FASTaghelps you to pay toll charges electronically, in an instant. You can bypass the hassle of physically paying fees at toll plaza.

ICICI Bank – Home

ICICIBank- Home. ” As per the Government mandate,ICICIBank’sFASTagdetails should be accurately updated: First name, Last name, DOB, 10 digit mobile number. Details should be updated by August 31, 2022. To update, visit bit.ly/3GgiZ2h .

FastTag – Recharge Fastag Online with IMPS and UPI – ICICI Bank

Step 1LogintoICICIBankFASTagCustomer portal. Step 2 Select ‘Payments’ → ‘Standing Instructions for UPI’ from top menu. Step 3 Enter details to set ‘Standing Instructions through UPI’ Select ‘Payment Frequency’ from the drop-down. Enter ‘Virtual Payment Address (VPA)’ * Enter ‘Top-up Amount’ (Minimum amount: INR 100)

FASTag Faqs – ICICI Bank Answers

Step 1:Login to yourICICIBankFASTagportal. Click here tologin… Options to apply for anICICIBankFASTagoffline: A. Point of Sale (POS) location at a toll plaza: You can visit the nearest POS located at the toll plaza to get anICICIBankFASTag. You need to carry the original and self-attested photocopy of your KYC documents, along …

FAStag – help.icicibank.com

Personal Banking. 1860 120 7777. Wealth / Private Banking. 1800 103 8181. Corporate / Business/ Retail Institutional Banking. 1860 120 6699.ICICIBankCredit Card Number. 1800 1020 1239.

ICICI Fastag Registration – ICICI Bank

Note: Application for Car, Jeep and Light Motor Vehicles class only.

Login – ICICI Bank

Innovative. Instant. Mobile Banking Net Banking WhatsApp Banking. We take your security. seriously ! Peace of mind for you as we have the most advanced technology & protection. 2 Factor i-safe authentication. End-to-end 256 bit Encryption. We make you.

ICICI Bank -Sign In

Username. Password. Remember Me

Contact Us – ICICI Bank FASTag

To know more aboutFASTag, please call our 24 * 7 customer care @ Toll Free Number: 1800 2100 104 (Chargeable Number: 1860 2670 104) SMS: You can availICICIBankFASTagjust by sending an SMS & our executive will call you within 2 working days. SMS – ITOLL(Space)Pincode(Space)Name to 5676766. Example ITOLL 400051 Roshan Kumar

Fastag POS – Check Point of Sale (POS) FASTag Locations | ICICI Bank

ICICIBankLimited. Ground Floor Vasanth Plaza, Rajaram Road, Rajarampuri, Kolhapur – 416001. Raghuvir Complex Ground Floor, Opp District Court Adalat Road, Aurangabad – Maharashtra, 431001. No 161 Mnr Complex, 10th Main Road, Peenya Industrial Area 3rd Phase,Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560058.

How to close the icici bank fast tag account and get the refund?

Please follow the below mentioned steps: Step 1:Login to yourICICIBankFASTagportal. Click here tologin. You can find your customer id on the landing page under account summary. Alternatively, you can call our customer care @ Toll-Free Number: 1800 2100 104 (Chargeable Number:1860 2670 104) to know your customer id.

Corporate Login – ICICI Bank

Corporate Internet BankingICICIBank’sCorporate Internet Banking (CIB) is a one stop shop for all your online banking needs. Trade Online A digital banking platform for quick, paperless trade transaction. InstaBIZ InstaBIZ is an app for business customers to access banking accounts and do transactions on both mobile and tablet devices. Trade Emerge A first-of-its kind offering for businesses …

FASTag – Recharge FASTag Online for Instant Toll Payment – IDFC FIRST Bank

Avail monthly passes with auto-renewal option at toll plaza/ NHAI website. Link your IDFC FIRSTBankCredit card withFASTagfor Auto recharge. Contact less Toll & Fuel Payment. Single statement with fuel & toll statement. For newFASTagregistration call 1800 266 9970 | Write to etollservices@idfcfirstbank.com | Visit POS.

[Updated] eToll by ICICI Bank android App Download (2023)

Get all yourICICIBankFASTagrelated information convieniently. Now move forward with eToll app eToll isICICIBanksFASTag’smobile app The features of eToll are • Recharge youFASTaganytime anywhere with convenient recharge options- internet banking, payment gateway • Fast and secure OTP basedlogin• View and transact on all yourFASTags• Check balance and generate statement …

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