Machli Palan Loan Yojana UP 2023 Form

Machli Palan Loan Yojana UP 2023 Form

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Apply Online For Machli Palan Loan Yojana UP 2023 Application Form and Fish Farming Loan Subsidy Scheme, Machli Palan Loan Yojana Bihar, Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh.

Its good news to all that people who want to do business but do have not enough money to establish their business, so Fisheries Scheme for those persons who want to do business in fisheries. 

This opportunity is very best for that person who wants to establish their own business. The person who has their own land have great work in fisheries schemes.

There are so many people who want to do fisheries but because of a lack of knowledge they can’t do this business. We will give you all the information about fisheries.

From this you got good income .so many people do this business  and get good income. So read this article very carefully .we are trying to give you all information very deeply.

Machli Palan Loan Yojana UP 2023

Fisheries scheme is very good plan for those who have interest in fisheries  and want to do business in less investment. Firstly you know how much income you need for do Machli Palan Yojana. Government give any loan for this business or not ? 

Machli Palan Loan Yojana UP 2021

And from where we get all information and help. We want to know all this information about fisheries therefore we can do this business without any difficulty.

Important Facts About Fish Farming Loan Scheme

  • Government give 80% grant on your investment.
  • District fisheries agency want to increase this business by this grant .
  • Production of fishing is 4 thousandkillo/ hector.
  • Department want to increase this production near about 4 thousand 5 hundred kilogram per hector.
  • Government provided the all information about fisheries to those who have no any knowledge about this scheme, and who are interested in fisheries.

Machli Palan Loan Yojana Officials Address

  • Firstly we go to office of U.P. district assistant Director or Chief executive fisheries development Agency and contact with the officers and with the staff.
  • Secondly contact with the department of fisheries  we get help about fisheries.

Best Time of Preparing Machli Palan Yojana Talab

We prepare our pond before April  ,May and June  for fisheries. Its preparation is done with the help of fisheries department.

Types of Fish Under Fish Farming Scheme

  • We get 6 types of fishes in fisheries.
  • In Indian major carp there is Rohu ,Katla, Mrigal(nan) and in foreigners major carp Silver carp, Grass  carp and common carp.
  • These types of fishes are best for fisheries according to fisheries experts.

How to Get Seed For Fish

  •  We get seed with contact from district fisheries agency.
  • From hachary of fisheriesAgency where we deposit money for seed  and get seed and directly pour the seed in the pond.
  • And from deposit the money for fisheries seed to district fisheries agency we  get fisheries seed and pour directly in the pond.

From all above information we have so many questions in our mind that what are other steps for fisheries scheme?

Government Providing Machli Palan Loan Yojana 2023 Apply Online

  •  No there is no any loan about this scheme but government give some loan for construction for pond, construction of dam and  for feeding for fishes.
  •  For those people who want fisheries in the village pond for their personal purpose.
  •  Government give 48% investment In grant for  those people who want to do fisheries business.
  • And 52 % investment do their own ,who do this business.
  • In personal land U.P. government give Rs. 93 thousand 200 per hector for fisheries scheme.

Machali Palan Subsidy Scheme By Government

 Yes government provide grant on the loan of 20% for general category and 25% for other categories from fisheries department.

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How to Get Loan From Bank Under Machli Palan Loan Yojana 2023 Application Form

 Government not give only grant for increase the fisheries scheme but  they get loan from the bank.

  • Construction for pond bank will give 75 thousand loan.
  • For input bank will give 50 thousand of loan.
  • And construction of pond on the personal land bank gave Rs. 3 lakh  loan.

What are the disease we get in fishes? And from we are get help?

  • Commonly there are fungal infections and germs infections and hirudinia like diseases we find in fishes.
  • For treatment we consult or contact with the district fisheries department or their staff members for their technical treatment.

Most important thing is the testing of pond s water.

  • Soil and water are tested by the experts.
  • Department check the sample of soil and water is out of cost.
  • We get all other technical information to the experts of fisheries department.

Uttar Pradesh Government Scheme

 How can we prepare that pond which are not dried?

  •  It is important that before fisheries that withdraw of fishes and extra vegetation from the pond  .withdrawal is very important  thing before fisheries.
  • We pull out extra vegetation with hands and 25 kwintal fishes  per hector in the deep water with the help of Mahua Cake
  • There way is trap the net again and again we get out fishes from the pond.

Watch Video for More Detail

FAQ’s of Machli Palan Loan Yojana UP 2023

Who can start the Machli Palan Yojana?

Any interested persons can start this business if he or she want to earn the profit.

Is There any required Education Qualification to start Fish Farming?

No There is no any education qualification required for such Fish farming.

What Type of Help has been given by government to start Machli Palan Yojana?

Government providing the subsidy loan to the beneficiary.

How we Can get the loan Under this scheme?

You can visit the bank and ask for the loan.

So friends with all above information we are trying to do Better information .we hope the you read this article very carefully and find your answer that arises in your mind about fisheries scheme.

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