Sarvajanik Trust Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Pass Registration, Tickets Price Booking 2023

Sarvajanik Trust Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Pass Registration, Tickets Price Booking 2023

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Sarvajanik Trust Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Pass Registration, Tickets Price Booking 2023:- Bal Garba Mahotsav is referred to as Adukiyo Dadukiyo, which is Hindi meaning “for and by the children.” Every youngster under the age of 16 is welcome to participate in the Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba 2023. Every year, during the Navaratri festival, the organisers start this competition for kids.

During Navaratri, the Garba is practised by many individuals. In India, it is a widely observed holiday. In Gujarati, Navaratri is vigorously observed, and Goddess Durga is worshipped. Organising this Garba event is the Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Sarvajanik Trust. In Navaratri 2023, this trust will resume the Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba.

Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Pass Registration

Bright NGO Adukiyo Dadukiyo is headquartered in Gujarat’s bustling metropolis of Vadodara. Additionally, among festival goers in Vadodara, Adukiyo Dadukiyo is known as “BAL GARBA.” It gives me great pleasure to let you know that Adukiyo Dadukiyo has been hosting Bal Garba for kids between the ages of 4 and 16 (over 18).

Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Pass

Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Pass

Adukiyo Dadukiyo is distinctive in that it supports all kids equally without putting them up against one another, and in return, all kids get gifts from our team and sponsors for all 9 days as a token of our affection. In addition to organising Garba, Adukiyo Dadukiyo also manages a number of other charitable initiatives, including blood donation drives and educational assistance for underprivileged kids.

Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba- Overview

Name of Garba Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba
Year of Information 2023
Trust Name Sarvajanik trust
Place Vadodara
state Gujarat
Age 4 to 16 years
Registration Online
Official website


The “Adukiyo Dadukiyo Sarvajanik Trust” is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Vadodara in 2001 and has been working for the overall development of young people there since its registration in 2003.

Since 2001, we have been hosting a special event during the festival of “NAVRATRI” to give kids a chance to show off their musical, dancing, and singing abilities.

For kids who are physically challenged, there are additional designated slots. To motivate the kids, several gifts are presented to them every day for the nine days.

Attractions at Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba 2023

  • Garba Dance
  • Dandiya Raas Dance
  • Navratri Costume Parade
  • Live Folk Music Bands
  • Garba Dance Workshops
  • Cultural Dance Fusion
  • Celebrity Garba Night
  • Kids’ Garba Competitions
  • Garba Flash Mobs
  • Garba Face Painting
  • Food and Snack Stalls
  • Art and Craft Exhibitions
  • Traditional Gujarati Thali
  • Mehndi (Henna) Artists
  • Garba Choreography Contest
  • Garba Karaoke
  • Garba DJ Night
  • Gujarati Folk Singing
  • Gujarati Comedy Acts
  • Garba Dance-offs
  • Garba Tutorial Sessions
  • Live Band with Dhol Players
  • Street Food Festival
  • Garba Art Installations
  • Folk Instrument Workshops
  • Garba Dance Marathons
  • Folk Tales and Storytelling
  • Garba Photo Booths
  • Garba and Yoga Sessions
  • Face Mask Designing
  • Garba Zumba Classes
  • Garba Fitness Challenges
  • Traditional Clothing Exhibitions
  • Folk Music Instrument
  • Cultural Heritage Talks
  • Garba Costume Swaps
  • Folk Poetry Recitation
  • Garba Trivia Quiz
  • Cultural Games and Contests
  • Garba Dance Flash Games
  • Traditional Jewelry Showcase
  • Garba Fitness Workshops
  • Garba Drumming Circles
  • Garba Dance Carnival Rides
  • Garba-themed Art and Craft Workshops

Adukiyo Dadukiyo Tickets Booking Price Online 2023

Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba was established in 2001 by the Adukiyo Dadukiyo Sarvajanik Trust. Adukiyo Dadukiyo Trust’s president is DR. Dinesh Yadav. The tournament was launched primarily to highlight the ability of young people in Vadodara. The competition is held annually during the Navaratri festival by this trust. Only pupils take part, and daily rewards are used to motivate the kids.

During Navratri, dance to the groovy Garba music with your children. Gujarat’s only Dandiya event for mother and child, Baal Raas by Adukiyo Dadukiyo, has become a major hit with the local populace. If you’re looking for the best Navratri events, head to Baal Raas and spend some time with your loved ones. The child can only be sixteen years old. Last year’s highlight was the Robotic Arti, and this year seems to be even better. Mother and child admission tickets cost about INR 800.

Apply Online For Adukiyo Dadukiyo Garba Passes Registration 2023

  • Visit the official website at first.
  • then click the signup link on the home page.
  • On the redesigned page, you can now access the registration form.
  • Enter the necessary information now, including the date, phone number, child’s name, parent’s names, mother’s maiden name, and home address.

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