(Apply Online) PM Modi EESL AC Yojana 2023 Registration Form eeslmart.in

(Apply Online) PM Modi EESL AC Yojana 2023 Registration Form eeslmart.in

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Apply Online For PM Modi EESL AC Yojana 2023 Registration Form eeslmart.in, PM EESL AC Scheme Price, PM Cheap AC Price, PM Sasta AC Scheme 2023.

Every year in summer there is so hot in our country. So many peoples face too much hot in summer. Some people who have much income, are used AC in their homes or in their offices. Everybody knows that AC facilities are not possible for middle-class families. But now central government announced the scheme EESL AC Yojana Online Registration 2023.

The EESL company contacts PM Narendra Modi. Under the scheme the now AC is available at the lowest price. This price is under the budget of middle-class families. So friends if you want to take advantage of this scheme then do online registration.

In this article, you know about the online process of the ESSL AC Yojana online registration 2023. And what are the eligibility and documents under the scheme? So friends tea the article properly and rake advantage with the scheme.

PM Modi EESL AC Yojana 2023 Registration

PM Narendra Modi launched the scheme ESSL AC Yojana. The central government connects with the ESSL company. The main motive is the government to provide the AC within the lowest cost from the market Price.

EESL AC Yojana 2021 Registration

EESL AC Yojana 2021 Registration

ESSL AC has 5.4 ratings and the price of the AC is very lowest than the market price.  So if you want to purchase this AC. Then register for the PM Narendra Modi AC Yojana 2021. After the registration, the EESL AC is delivered to you within three days.

With the help of EESL AC Yojana now everyone takes relief from the hot summer season. This scheme is like the Ujala Yojana in which the central government distributed LED Bulbs among the people. So register your AC  under the scheme. The government provides these ACs to the people at a reasonable price. So read the article and take advantage of the scheme.

Highlights of EESL AC Yojana 2023

Name of the scheme:- EESL AC Yojana/PM AC Yojana
Launched by:- central government.
Company name:- EESL company.
Name of product:- AC within reasonable price.
Registration process:- online registration.
Official website:- www.eeslmart.in/
Purchase process:- buy online.
Check scheme:- PM AC Yojana buy online.

EESL AC Yojana Price

The EESL AC Yojana is very helpful on the hottest days in India. AC is a very needful thing for the people to take relief from hot in summer. The cost of the EESL AC is 15-20% less than the cost of the other companies from their market Price.  

So if you want to purchase the EESL AC then do registration. You can do registration by download the app on your mobile.

So read all the articles step by step to purchase the EESL AC under the scheme EESL AC online registration 2023.

E Rupi Digital Payment Solution

Facilities of the EESL AC under EESL AC Yojana.

  • According to the market price of the other companies, the price of EESL AC is 15-20% less than the others.
  • This company provide you the best quality and best features with five rating of AC.
  • Also EESL AC benefit in the power consumption. This AC consume the power of electricity near about 30-40% less than other companies AC.
  • You can also exchange the AC. This facility is also available under the scheme.
  • Under the scheme EESL company give you the warranty of 1.5 years.

Special Feature of EESL AC SCheme

  • This AC 100% made by copper.
  • It has  is triple filter quality.
  • And It is 5 rating AC.
  • It has BLDC compressor with high EER twin rotery.
  • The high cooling temperature of EESL AC is 52C.
  • It has Eco friendly R32 refrigerants gas.
  • The voltage range of the AC is wide operating.

EESL AC Yojana Eligibility

There are some eligibility of the EESL AC registration. These are written in below:-

  • This scheme only for the citizens of India. So the candidate who are apply for the EESL AC Yojana then the candidate is permanent citizen of the India.
  • For take the advantage of the EESL AC Yojana the house meter is on the name of the candidate who are apply for the scheme.

PM Modi Cheap Price AC Yojana 2023

In the above of the article, we tell you that this EESL AC is 15 -20 % less than the AC which ten available In ten Market. The other AC of the other companies has a very high range which is not suitable for the normal person. But nowadays AC is a needy thing to ten people in the summer season. Under the scheme, EESL company provides you the  AC with 5.4 ratings according to IRS quality.

So if you want to register for the EESL AC under the EESL AC Yojana 2023 visit the official website of the EESL AC company. In which there is more information about the price, quality, and registration process about the scheme. After getting all the information you can apply for online EESL AC. You can receive the AC within Three days of the order.

Apply Online for ESSL AC Yojana 2023 Registration Form

If you want to register yourself for the EESL AC Yojana 2023. Then there are some steps that you can follow when online registration:-

  • Firstly visit on the official website of the EESL AC company. I.e. www.eeslmart.in
  • After that there is a link for Online purchase EESL AC.
 EESL AC Yojana
EESL AC Yojana
  • Click on this link and homepage us open on the screen.
  • After that click on the buy now option.
  • After that here is open the registration form. Read the registration form carefully. After that fill with all the required details like your name and home address in which your product is delivered.
  •  After that read about the price of the EESC Ac.
  • The payment method is open on the screen.
  • Make the payment by the proceed the payment.
  • After that click on the confirm option for confirm your order.
  • After these process your order is reached within 3 days on the address which is mention on the registration form.

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