Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai | Date and Location

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai | Date and Location

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Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai | Date and Location | Tickets Booking Price:- Since the Aqua Rainbow Festival does not actually exist in the real world as of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no precise information known about it. But I can give you an idea of what a festival with that name may be like.

The Aqua Rainbow Festival may be a vivacious and colourful celebration centred on the wonder of rainbows and water. It could take place close to a lake, beach, or other body of water, giving the celebrations a picturesque setting. Here is a fictitious account of the festival.

Here today with the help of this article we are going to share the complete details about the Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Tickets Booking Process, Entry Tickets Price. Here you will also come to know about the Aqua Rainbow Festival Date Chennai, venue with location and official portal link where you can participate in the same Festival. So read the complete article given below.

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai

People of all ages are invited to the Aqua Rainbow Festival for a day of pleasant water-themed events and entertainment. Visitors are welcomed by an attractive ambiance generated by numerous water installations, rainbow decorations, and energetic music as they enter the festival grounds.

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai

A sizable water park with thrilling slides, splash pads, and engaging water activities is one of the festival’s primary attractions. By jumping into the cool pools or getting into pleasant water fights with water balloons and colourful water pistols, people may escape the summertime heat.

Rainbow-themed decorations surround the festival grounds, including rainbow-colored tents and vendor stalls and rainbow flags that wave in the wind. Along the walkways, craft dealers and artists display their rainbow-themed products, including rainbow tie-dye apparel, original jewellery, and works of art.

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai Tickets- Overview

Name of Festival Aqua Ranbow Festival
Years 2023
Type of Event Water themed festival
Age group every one
How to Participate Tickets Book
Tickets Booking Link Click Here

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai Date and Location


Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Features Details

Live music performances are presented on a stage in the festival’s middle by bands and musicians noted for their upbeat and energising sounds. The songs reverberate throughout the festival, fostering a festive and joyful atmosphere. Dance groups, acrobats, and other performers may be demonstrating their skills in between acts.

A variety of mouthwatering goodies, including rainbow-colored desserts, cool beverages, and a variety of exotic cuisines, are available at food stalls and food trucks. Indulge in a colourful culinary experience with rainbow cotton candy and ice cream sundaes, available to attendees.

Activities List at Aqua Rainbow Festival Chennai

Children can take part in a variety of activities created specifically for them, including storytelling sessions, arts and crafts workshops, and face painting. There may even be a special area set aside for them to play in with inflatable castles and obstacle courses. The celebration can conclude with a breathtaking water and light show as the day goes on. A captivating spectacle against the night sky is produced by fountains that blast water jets in time with vibrant light shows. A spectacular fireworks display that paints the sky with bursts of vibrant colour might be the grand finale.

The overall goal of the Aqua Rainbow Festival is to foster an upbeat and welcoming environment where attendees may embrace the beauty of water and rainbows while taking part in a variety of fun activities, excellent cuisine, and engaging entertainment.

  • Water Slide Extravaganza.
  • Rainbow Water Balloon Fight.
  • Water Art and Crafts.
  • Rainbow Boat Rides.
  • Aqua Yoga and Wellness.
  • Rainbow Parade.
  • Water-themed Performances.
  • Rainbow Food Tasting:.
  • Water-themed Workshops.
  • Rainbow Night Show.

Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 Chennai Tickets Price For Entry

As we all know that till date we dont have the information about the real Tickets Price for the Aqua Rainbow Festival 2023 in Chennai. The tickets Price must be depend on the admission for the same. The tickets Cost only the entry of the person. After entry in the same place you need to pay the amount for the activities.

Admission Charges Rs.
Tiered Pricing Rs.
VIP Packages Rs.
Day Passes RS.
Full Festival Passes Price Rs.
Additional Activities Rs.

How to Participate in Aqua Ranibow Festival 2023 Chennai Tickets Booking Online?

Kindly Follow The steps given below.

  • First of all you need to Visit the official Portal where the tickets can be sold.
  • Then have to select the category of the tickets you wants.
  • after that the availability tickets comes in front of you.
  • add the quantity of tickets you wants.
  • here you need to enter the personal details with the contact number.
  • Now make the payment of the total number of tickets.
  • then you will get the confirmation of the tickets.
  • get your tickets and then enjoy the festival.

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