Asian Paints Dealership 2023 Apply Online, Franchise Cost & Contact Number

Asian Paints Dealership 2023 Apply Online, Franchise Cost & Contact Number

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Get the complete detail about Asian Paints Dealership 2023 Apply Online, Franchise Cost & Contact Number, Profit & Margin.

Hello, dear friends nowadays to get a job as per our choice is very difficult. So many the youngster now move towards Business ideas. And every people who want to start their own business will want to get a unique idea to start their business.

Now through the help of this article, I am going to provide you the complete detail about that How you can Start Asian Paints Dealership 2022 Business. This is also one of the best dealership businesses in India related to the Paints.

So as we all know that there are so many famous companies of the Paints, but the Asian Paint is one of the most biggest and famous companies in India. In Asia, there are 15 countries who having a paint company in their area. 

Till Date in India, there are 15 manufacturing plants of the Asian Paint. The headquarter of Asian Paint in India is in Mumbai Maharashtra. Asian paint has a 40% share market in the Indian Industry related to the Paint. This company deals with the manufacturing of Paint, Selling Paint, Coating, home décor product, etc.

Now like all companies this Asian paint also going to provide their dealership to the distributorship and sub dealership to the people who are interested in the same. Now through the help of this article, I am going to provide you the complete detail about how to get Asian Paint Dealership in India, dealership cost, Profit & Margin, and Eligibility Criteria.

Asian Paint Dealership 2023 Apply Online

Now after reading the above-said detail you all have the one question in your mind How to Get the Asian Paints Dealership. So the first and very easy process to get the Asian Paint Dealership is to make the contact with the Sales office of the Asian paint in your area. Or you can also make the contact in the Asian Paint Customer Care Number i.e. 18002095678.

Asian Paints Dealership

Asian Paints Dealership

After making the contact with the persons of the Asian paint you will get the know more about financial and industry detail. You can get the meeting with the person who told you everything about it.

The main thing which has to get the dealership is your eligibility criteria. If you full fill out all the eligibility criteria for the Asian Paint Dealership then you can start your business.

Overview of Asian Paint Dealership Franchise 2023

Name of the Company Asian Paint
Information provided Asian Paint Dealership
How to Get By filling out the Dealership Form
Where to Contact Customer Care number or in Sale Office
Head Office in India Mumbai Maharashtra
Beneficiary Any Interested Person who wants to start the business  
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Detail about Asian Paints Dealership Cost in India

So now the 2nd question which comes in our mind is that if we full fill our eligibility criteria then what is the cost of the dealership which we have to spend on it.

So the Asian Paints Dealership cost which you have to invest is about 6 to 8 Lakh.

Cost of Initial Stock Purchase fee Rs.3.5 Lakh to 4 Lakh.
Cost of Colo Mixing Machine Rs.15 Lakh to 2 Lakh.
Cost of Shop Interior Rs.1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh.
Computer and printer Costs Rs.50,000
Other Detail of expenses Rs.20,000
First-month rent or security amount If you don’t have own

The Colour mixing Machine has two options automatic and semi-automatic.

You can purchase the same as per your choice.

The main investment which you have to invest in the business is to make the payment of the shop. The rent of the shop is having a prime location.

Profit & Margin of Asian Paints Dealership

As we all know that by investing the amount in the Asian Paints Dealership you can earn a huge margin and profit over the same. The percentage of the profit margin over the Asian Paints is about 3 to 8 percent.

As compared to other paints brand which is available in India, Asian Paints provide less commission to the distributor.  But don’t think that you can make less money by getting this dealership. Asian Paint has 40% of the market in India.

This will go to become a profitable business for you if you want to start the business. There are also so many other schemes that are available in the market by the Asian Paint Dealership.

Asian Paint Dealership Registration & Licenses Detail

Here below I am going to provide the certificates which is required for the Asian Paint Dealership Registration 2022 in India.

  • First, you will have to get the Authorization Certificate from the Asian Paints.
  • Have to provide the Establishment of Shop which is issued by the local government.
  • Have to get the Trade License from the municipality of your area.
  • GST Certificate is also required for the Registrations.
  • If the shop is on rented then have to provide the rent agreement.
  • Bank statement of the candidates for the last 6 months.

In case of starting if you don’t have money to invest over the same then you can also get a loan from any financial institution.

How to Get Asian Paint Dealership 2023 Application Form

Asian Paint Dealership 2022
Asian Paint Dealership 2023
  • Now as we already told you that if you also want to start the business by getting the Asian Paint Dealership Then you have to contact the nearest sales office of the Asian Paint.
  • Or you can have to make the contact by calling on the customer care number of the Asian Paint Sales Executive.
  • After that, they fixed the meeting with you of their sales officers and he will tell you about the other formalities.
  • You have to complete all that, then start your business.

Asian Paint Dealership Contact detail

As we have already provided you with the detail is that the best and easy way to get the Asian Paint dealership in India is that you can make the contact with the sales office of your area.

If you don’t know about the Sales office of your area then you can contact on the customer care number.

Email id
Contact Number 18002095678.

Quick Links

Official Portal Link Click Here
JSW Paint Dealership Visit Here

FAQ’s Asian Paints Dealership

What is the Investment Cost of Asian Paints Dealership?

So if you want to start the business by getting the Asian Paints dealership then you have to invest Rs.6 to 8 Lakh.

Can we earn a good margin over the Same Business?

Yes, you have to invest only one time and then you can earn a good margin profit over the same.

So this is enough information for you to get the Asian Paints Dealership. For More Detail, you can comment in the comment box.

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