Bhupender Patel Contact Number | Whatsapp Phone Number

Bhupender Patel Contact Number | Whatsapp Phone Number

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Bhupender Patel Contact Number, Whatsapp Phone Number, Facebook, New Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupender Patel Email id Address Detail.

Bhupendra Patel is the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He is one of the famous ministers among all the ministers. From being the Chief Minister of Gujarat he does so many works for the citizen of Gujarat. For that so many peoples of the state want to met with him and discuss their problems with him.  But he is the Chief Minister so; it is not possible to directly meet with Bhupendra Patel.

So today in this article we help you to solve these problems. We share with you the contact number, watsapp number, and social media account of Bhupendra Patel. With the help of Contact number you can share your problems with the CM of Gujarat. So the interested peoples who want to contact with him them read the article carefully.

इस समय विजय रुपानी के बाद अब भूपेंदर पटेल गुजरात राज्य के नए मुख्यमंत्री बन गये है. कुछ दिनों में वह नए CM के लिए शपथ लेकर कार्य शुरू कर देंगे. तो अगर आप भी नए मुख्यमंत्री से बात करना चाहते हो तो आर्टिकल के जरिये जानकारी ले सकते है.

Bhupender Patel Contact Number

We know that Bhupendra Patel is the honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat. But there are so many news about the post of Chief Minister form the 11 August 2021. The past Chief Minister Vijay Rupani leaves his post of Chief Minister so, Bhartiya Janta Party select Bhupendra Patel for the Chief Minister of Gujarat through their Parliamentary Board.

Bhupender Patel Contact Number

Bhupender Patel Contact Number

There are few people knows about Bhupendra Patel. He becomes the 17 Chief Minister of Gujarat. On 13 August 2021 he gets the oath for the Chief Minister from the Acharya Devvart. After that he becomes the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

वैसे कुछ निजी जानकारी के चलते इनके नंबर को सार्वजानिक रूप से इस्तेमाल नहीं किया जाता है.

New Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel Gujarat Contact Detail

Bhupendra Patel becomes the 17th Chief Minister of the Gujarat state. He is 59 years old. He is elected by the Bhartiya Janta party parliamentary Board. Bhupender Patel becomes the minister of Gujarat in 2017 and wins from Shashi Kant from 1lakh votes. Bhupendra Patel also was the director of Ahmadabad urban department. He also the director of Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation.

Now Bhupendra Patel is the new Chief Minister of Gujarat. The past Chief Minister Vijay Rupani also said to Shri Narendra Modi an Amit Shah that Bhupendra Patel did very good work for the Gujarat and also his suggestion for Bhupendra Patel for the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Become the Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel also thankful to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit shah. He promises that he work too hard for the Gujarat state and the state reached in the high level.

Highlights of Bhupendra Patel Phone Number

Name Bhupendra Patel
Type of article Contact number of Bhupendra Patel
Date of birth  15 July 1962
From the political party Bhartiya Janta Party
incident  Ghatlodiya
Personal Address 01, Aryaman Residency Road, Shilaj, Ahmdabad-380059.

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel Political Career

Before become the chief minister of Gujarat his political career start from the 2017 when he won by the 1 lakhs votes and become the MLA. He is the member of Bhartiya Janta party. He has born on 15 July 1962 in Gujarat. And He belongs from the Patidar Gujarati family. He completes his engineering from the Polytechnic College Gujarat.

Bhupendra Patel Contact Number Detail

We share you the contact number of Bhupendra Patel. With that you can talk with him and share your problems. Contact number of Bhupendra Patel is: – 9099005881.

Gujarat Housing Board Scheme 2021

CM Bhupendra Patel Whatsapp Number

After becoming the chief Minister of Gujarat he is very famous in these days. After that the citizens of the Gujarat want to contact with him. So many peoples search for the contact number and watsapp number of Bhupendra Patel. It not possible to directly contact with Bhupendra Patel. But through the Whatsapp number you can contact with him. Share your problems and make the video call. And also send him message and videos. You can share your problems through watsapp number you can share problems not only your personal but also you locality problems, your village problem and so on.

But till now there is no any watsapp number updated in the official website of Bhupendra Patel. So when it available then we will again share to the details about the watsapp number immediately.

So, Whatsapp number: – updated soon.

Bhupendra Patel Social Media Accounts

There are so many social medial Accounts. Every one use theses Social media Account in these digital life. So there is some information about the Bhupendra Patel. That can help you to contact with Bhupendra Patel.

 Face book account:-# BhupendraPatel. Through the face book account you can see all the new schemes launched by the Bhupendra Patel. Also you can send message or videos and share your problems and also write your suggestion.

Twitter account: – Bhupendra Patel@10_bhop and @bhupendrapbjp.

 Through the twitter account you write the suggestion on the post of Bhupendra Patel and also message him and contact him.

Instagram account: – Bhupendra patel@bhupendrapbjp.

So many follower of Bhupendra Patel on the Instagram account. He post so many activities launched by him. So contact with him also on the Instagram account.

Till now there is no enough information about Bhupendra Patel. But all the contact details and address are updated soon by the government. It is very necessary to all the citizen of Gujarat so, government update all the contact of Bhupendra Patel.

So till the new update by the government wait till then. If any update is coming by the government then is updated on the Bhupender Patel Contact Number. So also check the social media account of Bhupendra Patel.

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