Chhapar Da Mela Date 2023, Timing, Tickets Booking Price

Chhapar Da Mela Date 2023, Timing, Tickets Booking Price

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Read the complete details about Chhapar Da Mela Date 2023, Timing, Tickets Booking Price, Contact Number given here.

The Chhapar Mela, which is held in the village of Chhapar in the Ludhiana district, is a lovely synthesis of various cultural ideals. One might find everything they needed to keep themselves entertained at this fair, from delectable cuisine to enjoyable activities.

This Punjabi festival, which is held on the fourth day of the Bhadra month, honours Gugga Pir, also known as Gogaji, in large part. His principal centres of worship are in the northern Indian states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu, Gujarat, and a few other locations.

Locally, Gugga Pir is honoured as a saint or the snake deity in addition to being recognised as a warrior-hero.

Chhapar Da Mela Date 2023

The story goes that once upon a time in a farming family living in Chhapar village, a snake and a boy were born together. According to reports, they both had a deep affection for one another. One time the boy’s mother left him on the cot while she went to work in the fields. The snake stretched his hood over the youngster, comforting him and giving him some cover.

Chhapar Da Mela Date

Chhapar Da Mela Date

A villager from the area was walking by at that very moment. The boy killed the snake because he believed it was there to kill the child because it was so near to him.

The youngster passed away shortly after the snake died because they had a special tie of affection. Since then, this fair has been organised in honour of the saint after the local elders recommended the family members to worship Gugga for the child’s welfare after the deaths.

Chhapar Da Mela Tickets 2023- Overview

Name of Fair Chhapar Da Mela
Venue Vill-Chappar , Tehsil -Dehlon
District Ludhiana
Date 15th September 2023
Information Given Tickets Booking and Price
Post Category Tickets Booking

Major Attractions at Chhapar Da Mela Ludhiana

According to the stories, a small group of Gugga Pir worshippers are credited with creating this fair around 150 years ago. It is observed every year in the months of Bhado or Bhadra. The date of this event comes somewhere in September as per the English calendar.

The number of people attending this fair has increased to millions in recent years due to the excessive publicity it has received.

Chhapar Da Mela 2023 Date, Timing & Venue

Date 15th September 2023
Timing 5 am to 11 pm
Venue Vill-Chappar , Tehsil -Dehlon

Activities at Chhapar Da Mela

  • Worship.
  • Playing Games and
  • Langar.

Chhapar Mela Celebration Details

With the start of this fair, you can take part in a variety of activities, from playing games to eating delectable food. Around every corner are vendors selling food, amusement, and handmade goods. Additionally, Punjabis can be seen dancing and wearing unwavering smiles.

It’s a fantastic mix of enjoyment, music, and dancing all around. This fair has grown to become one of the biggest and most well-known cultural events in Ludhiana, Punjab, during the past few decades.

How to Reach Chhapar Mela 2023

  • By Road.
  • By Train.
  • By Air.

How to Book Chhapar Da Mela Tickets Booking Price 2023?

  • The Entry Cost for this Fair is at free of Cost for all the people.
  • But if you wants to play the games and wants to get the rides available inside the place, you need to pay the charges for That.
  • No need to book the tickets.

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