Flower Show In Ooty 2023 Date

Flower Show In Ooty 2023 Date

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Flower Show In Ooty 2023 Date | Ooty Flower Show Tickets Booking Price | Ooty Summer Festival Show Entry Fee- Every year, the Ooty Flower Show – also known as the Ooty Summer Festival – graces the Indian state of Tamil Nadu’s town of Ooty. Falling typically in the month of May, the festival is renowned as one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area.

This event is characterized by the colorful display of a multitude of flowers and plants from across the world, which capture the attention of both flower aficionados and regular tourists alike. It also features a range of cultural events and activities, from music concerts and dance shows to food stalls selling local treats.

Organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu and its Horticulture Department, the Ooty Flower Show takes place at the Government Botanical Garden in Ooty and serves to honor the area’s natural splendor and highlight the state’s horticultural prowess.

Flower Show In Ooty 2023

The yearly Ooty Summer Festival – 2023 is held each year in the scenic Queen of Hills of Ooty during the month of May. A popular attraction, it includes flower shows, fruit shows, vegetable shows, rose shows, and spice shows, which draw tourists from all over. Various types of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, alongside impressive animal and bird displays crafted out of floral elements, offer a delightful sight. The festival also seeks to foster young local artists and showcase their artistic skills and cultural expressions. Celebrating its 124th edition this year, the event will take place at Botanical Garden in Charing Cross Ooty from 15th May 9 am to 7 pm.

Flower Show In Ooty 2023

Flower Show In Ooty 2023

So now if you wants to become the part of this Flower Show in Ooty or Ooty Summer festival 2023, then you need to get the tickets. here by reading this article you will get the complete details about it. Kindly Check the rest of the detail given below.

Ooty Sumer Festival/ Flower Show 2023 Dates- Overview

Category Details
Name of the event Ooty Flower Show
Location Government Botanical Garden, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
Frequency Annual
Date and time Usually held in the month of May
Organizers Government of Tamil Nadu and the Horticulture Department
Participants Local and national horticulture organizations, flower enthusiasts, and tourists
Highlights Display of various types of flowers and plants, including exotic species from around the world, floral arrangements and competitions, cultural events, and food stalls
Importance Showcases the natural beauty of the region and the horticultural expertise of the state
Admission fee Varies each year
Nearby attractions Ooty Lake, Doddabetta Peak, Rose Garden, Thread Garden, and more
Accommodation Various options available in Ooty and nearby areas
Tips for visitors Wear comfortable shoes, carry sunscreen and water, and plan for parking and traffic congestion during the festival.

Lalbhag Flower Show 2023

Main Attractions at Ooty Flower Show 2023

  • An array of flowers and plants from all over the world is on display at the festival, exhibiting the pinnacle of horticulture. Guests have the chance to participate in contests, celebrating their skills in arranging flowers.
  • To top off the event, cultural activities such as music and dance performances are included.
  • Various food stalls around the venue provide delectable local cuisine, while photography enthusiasts have the chance to take stunning pictures.
  • Guests can also shop for souvenirs such as plants, flowers, and gardening tools. In addition, the festival offers seminars and workshops on horticulture, providing people the opportunity to gain knowledge in the art of gardening and horticulture.

Flower Show in Ooty Tickets Price/ Entry Fee 2023

This show has extremely low admission costs. Either online or counter purchases of tickets are options. But in order to prevent long lines, it is advised to purchase the tickets online.

Adults pay Rs. 40 for the ticket, while kids pay Rs. 20. This admission cost is quite small.

The government’s goal is to showcase Ooty’s natural splendour rather than to make money. There are numerous international guests invited to the programme.

How to Book Tickets For Flower Show in Ooty 2023 Ticket Booking Online?

The procedure for purchasing tickets for the Ooty Flower Show may change every year; information about it is normally released nearer the festival date.

Generally, you can buy Ooty Flower Show tickets online or in person at the show. The festival’s official website or third-party ticketing platforms may both offer online ticket purchasing.

The Government Botanical Garden in Ooty, where the festival will take place, also sells tickets. Each year, the cost of the tickets may change, and there might be multiple ticket types available, including VIP passes or public admission.

Visitors are urged to visit the Ooty Flower Show’s official website or social media pages for the most up-to-date details on tickets, including costs, availability, and booking methods. It is advised to purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid standing in queue and guarantee entrance to the festival.

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