Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2023

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2023

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Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2023 | Ticket Online Booking:- The Fun Blast Sports facility is located on Sindhu Bhawan Road, the busiest street in Ahmedabad. On Sindhu Bhawan Road, Shotts, Taj, and Now Fun Blast offer further amusement, excitement, rides, games, and food for visitors of all ages. nearby is a trampoline park nearby that is solely for adults. So if you also wants to visit to this place then you must have to book the ticket online. And at the time of booking the tickets you also need to pay the tickets price. The detail of everything is given below. kindly read the whole article.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2023

The following are some of the main attributes and attractions of Fun Blast Ahmedabad:

Indoor Amusement Park: Fun Blast includes a variety of rides and attractions inside its indoor amusement park, including roller coasters, bumper cars, and carousels. It’s a terrific location for families and children to enjoy exhilarating rides.

Gaming Area: A range of arcade games, video games, and virtual reality experiences are available in the designated gaming area. You can play tonnes of fun games and challenge your friends or family to a friendly competition.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket

Fun Blast Bowling Alley You can play a game of bowling with friends or family in Ahmedabad’s bowling alley. This entertaining activity mixes skill and cordial rivalry.

Go-Karting: Fun Blast has a go-karting track where fans of the sport may enjoy the rush of racing in miniature motorised cars. It’s a well-liked attraction for thrill seekers.

Food Court: Fun Blast offers a food court where you may replenish your energy and satiate your hunger. During your visit, you can savour delectable meals, snacks, and beverages.

Fun Blast Sports Arena Gaming Ahmedabad Tickets 2023- Overview

Feature/Attraction Description
Indoor Amusement Park Offers a variety of rides, including carousel rides, bumper cars, roller coasters, etc.
Gaming Zone Features arcade games, video games, and virtual reality experiences for all ages.
Bowling Alley Provides a dedicated space for bowling with friends or family.
Go-Karting Offers a go-karting track for racing enthusiasts.
Food Court A place to enjoy a variety of cuisines, snacks, and refreshments.
Party and Event Spaces Provides spaces for hosting birthdays, corporate events, and special occasions.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Timings Details

Timings:- 11 AM to 11 PM
All days of the week.

Trampoline Park Ahmedabad Ticket Price

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Entry Fee

exact costs for Fun Blast Ahmedabad tickets. Age, the day of the week, and any special offers or packages that may be available all affect ticket prices.

I advise visiting their official website or getting in touch with them directly if you want to find out exact and current information on Fun Blast Ahmedabad’s ticket costs. They need to be able to give you the most recent ticket costs as well as any other necessary information.

Vesu Mela Surat 2023

How To Buy a Ticket At Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online?

Before comprehending the costs for all of the games and entertaining activities at Fun Blast, let’s first understand how pricing works there. There is a ticket counter for outside activities and a rechargeable card system with a 12-month validity for inside games.

For outdoor games, you don’t need the card. There are ticket counters present at each outdoor game. Simply purchase the ticket, then proceed to your preferred game.

For indoor games, you will be issued a Fun Blast Card that you must reload as required. The necessary minimum charge is 1000. It is valid for a whole year.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2023 For Indoor Games

Indoor Games Ticket Prices
Trampoline Adult: ₹400 & Kids: ₹150 to ₹250
Bowling ₹299
Arcade Games ₹50 to ₹400
Virtual Reality (VR) Game ₹120
Haunted House ₹100
Bumper Car ₹120
Lucky Fish Frenzy ₹90
Fortune Quest ₹100
Drop Ball ₹90
Blizzarnd Blast ₹90
Penguin Villeage ₹60
Horse Racing ₹100
Robot Storm ₹90
Whitekeddy Car ₹50
Zombie Out Beark Water ₹90
Sow Of Racer ₹90
Gramater Vf Surroune ₹90
Temple Run 3 ₹90
Mini Basket Ball Yellow Panda ₹70
Deep Sea Story ₹75
Hippo Peradise ₹50
Super Soldier ₹50
Kidely Games ₹50
Ferrasu Racing Simulator Clange ₹120
Pal Man Smash Hockey Game ₹90
Barbie Toy Cketerers ₹100
Fererari Racing Simulator(Small) ₹110
Air Hockey ₹60
Hedower Tecway ₹50
Human Clow ₹300
Dashing Car ₹100
Hunter League ₹100

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2023 For Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games Ticket Prices
Joint Swing ₹120
Sky Cycling ₹120
Zip Line ₹120
Mini Appu ₹70
Twin Cycling ₹120
Merry-Go Round ₹70
Toy Train ₹70
Caterpillar ₹70
Rocket Injection ₹120
Water Boat ₹70
Water Melon ₹70
Mini Wheel ₹70
Bungee Jumping ₹100
Gyroscope Ride ₹120
Adventure Zone ₹120

Activity List at Fun Blast Ahmedabad

  • Trampoline
  • Bowling
  • Arcade Games
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Game
  • Haunted House
  • Bumper Car
  • Joint Swing
  • Sky Cycling
  • Zip Line
  • Water Boat
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Adventure Zone.
Where to Book The Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Online?

You need to Visit Fun Blast and Have to Buy the Card.

What is Fun Blast Contact Number?

Contact Number:- 09586601007

What is Fun Blast Ahmedabad Address?

Sindhu Bhavan Road, PRL Colony, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

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