Himachal Pradesh Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 List

Himachal Pradesh Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 List

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Complete Detail about Himachal Pradesh Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 List ,Date Detail Official notification Download in pdf.

Himachal Pradesh “Virangana on Wheels” scheme 2023 (crime against women)

Virangana on Wheel launched by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Shri Jairam Thakur on the the occasion of 15 April 2021  on Himachal Day.its is very good news for all the women of Himachal  Pradesh.

Now a day there are so many difficulty faced by every women.This is very good news for the women who are facing so many problems every day in there life.

This scheme is to check the crime against women in the state.so state Government has decided to apply this scheme in all over the state.

Himachal Pradesh Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023

Virangana on wheel scheme is provide in all over Himachal Pradesh

Government has planned to provide this facility to all over himachal Pradesh .

Virangana two wheeler are provided in every police station for two women constables . Government provide provided two wheeler and two helmet to women constables. They are help to women who are not able to go to police station for complaint.

Himachal Pradesh Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2021

Himachal Pradesh Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 List

Virangana two wheeler scheme is door to door help for women.

This scheme is help for door to door help for the women who are not going to police station and facing daily difficulty in their day to day problem. The two wheeler police women help the victim women in case of distress call.

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HP Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 District Wise List

135 police Station in Himachal Pradesh  act on virangana two wheeler scheme

135police Station in Himachal Pradesh have Virangana two wheeler scheme.union Government had provided 1.35 lakh to Nirbhya fund from this fund they have provide the facilities to all the Police station in all district of Himachal Pradesh. This scheme is provide to all the police Station to fight against the crime against women.

Main details

  • Launched by.                      Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh

Shri Jai Ram Thakur.

  • Provide in                            135 police station in Himachal Pradesh
  • District.                               All the district in himachal Pradesh.
  • Name of scheme.              Virangana on wheels scheme.
  • Under.                                  Under Nirbhaya Scheme.
  • Respond to.                         Crime against women.
  • Other information.             On official website of H.P.Police.

Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 Beneficiary List

Why this scheme is very important for women?

Ever day you listen so many news  in news papers and television  against women crime. Not in Himachal Pradesh but in all over India there big problem of crime against women.

Our state government had decided to check all the problem against these crime.Himachal Pradesh had recorded 243 cases of crime against women ,there are three case of murder,47 case of rape,one case of dowry death,65 cases of kiddnaping and abduction,65 cases of molestation, three cases of susite,38 cases of cruelty of women and 10 cases of eve-teasing.

So this is not a small problem ,it is very big problem in front if every problems.

Last year 1,654 cases are recorded in crime against women in Himachal Pradesh in2019,

Now a days 1690 cases were recorded.

So knowing this big problem in the occasion of Himachal Day  Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh  and DGP San jay Kundu launched “Two wheeler -virangna Scheme”.

Himachal Pradesh has set help desk meant for every women and every girls has safe and welcome experience for the women and girls who visit police Station and responding to complained by women and girls.

It responding faster to complained by women and girls.

Work Under Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 Complain Desk

Process by two wheeler constables:

  • Complain received by women or girls in Police station.
  • Lady police official present on duty have immediately rushed on the spot.
  • They give there service provided by theie two wheeler.
  • They immediately act on the crime against women or girl.

Himachal Pradesh government provide 1lakh Rupees to every police station and a desktop from which they are help to every women.

This is at time where men and women do their work equally. They have equal rights but only women are not do their work safely in out from their house. So many women work for their family and going for job far from their house but they are not feeling safe.

Veerangana on Wheel Scheme 2023 Application Form

Not even working women our women in home has face so many problems like some are facing dowry problem and have painful punishment given by their family. Some are died because of dowry system.

So many domestic violence are faced by the women. And this Virangana Two -wheeler Scheme help for those women who are suffering from these like problems.

Virangana Two- wheeler Scheme ( crime against women) is very good facility provide d by Government of Himachal Pradesh.

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