IHIP Portal Login 2023 ihip.nhp.gov.in

IHIP Portal Login 2023 ihip.nhp.gov.in

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IHIP is an online platform that offers surveillance programmes at the district, state, and federal levels to find early warning signs and conduct timely examinations. To learn more, go to the IHIP’s official website and read the article provided below for all the details. View the following link.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare oversees the Integrated Health Information Platform, and people throng the site in search of health-related information. The complete National Health Programmes, or NHP, that relate to programmes for communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases are in fact covered by the IHIP. Programmes for communicable and non-communicable diseases are run by the central government and are categorised under many subheadings. One can see an overview of the central government’s programmes right here on the Integrated Health Information Platform.

IHIP Portal Login 2023

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Government of India launched the Integrated Health Information Platform, or IHIP. IHIP stands for Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme, which is decentralised in a State to find early warning signs of epidemic-prone diseases. so that prompt assessments and actions can be initiated at the District, State, and National levels throughout the nation. Continue reading until the conclusion of the article to learn more about the Idsp, ihip, and hmis portals.

IHIP Portal Login

IHIP Portal Login

ihip.nhp.gov.in Login 2023- Overview

Name of the portal Integrated Health Information Platform
Programme Name Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme
Year 2023
Started by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Government of India
Aim to provide the Surveillance Programme to detect diseases with early warning signals
Beneficiaries District, State, and National level
HMIS Portal Works to provide information regarding health indicators
Login User NamePassword
Official Website ihip.nhp.gov.in

Motive to Launch Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme

  • At the Centre, State, and District levels, Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme Units were created.
  • improving the public health labs
  • Early warning signs are being found with the use of the Integrated Health Information Platform so that prompt examinations and measures can be initiated.
  • to offer the government health services for a number of ailments that are of high priority.

What is idsp ihip hmis portal ?

  • IHIP stands for Integrated Health Information Platform.
  • IDSP stands for Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme.
  • HMIS stands for Health Management Information System.

Activities List of IDSP

  • IDSP offers both routine and daily surveillance for communicable diseases.
  • Check the report’s status and quality using the IHIP site.
  • Media screening is also offered for communicable diseases.
  • Technical assistance is provided to DPHL and SRL laboratories under the IDSP.
  • Entomological surveys are conducted on a regular basis in the outbreak-prone areas.

ihip Login Portal – ihip.nhp.gov.in

  • Visit the official website at ihip.nhp.gov.in to access the IHIP Login Portal.
  • Navigate to the login section on the homepage.
  • Now complete the login form’s fields for Username, Password, and Verification Code.
  • Click the sign-in button after providing the necessary information.

idsp data entry P Form] ihip Login Portal Entry

  • Visit the official website for IHIP implementation at ihip.nhp.gov.in.
  • You must first log onto the IHIP portal.
  • Go to the signing section on the homepage.
  • Select the P form entry and other options after successfully logging in, then submit the data entry.

ihip IDSP Login idsp.nic.in/idsp

  • Visit the official website at idsp.nic.in/idsp to access the Ihip IDSP login portal.
  • Visit the IDSP application login page from the homepage.
  • Enter your User ID and Password to log in now.
  • Click the login button after providing the required information.

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