Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number, Mobile Number & Address Details

Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number, Mobile Number & Address Details

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Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number, Mobile Number & Address Details:- If you Also finding for the Best result for the Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number, then you are in the right Place. Today with the help of this article we are going to provide you with complete detail about how to make the contact with Kambal Wale Baba’s Mobile Number, WhatsApp Number, Personal Mobile Number, Phone Number, etc. Apart from that if you want to visit the Kambal Wale Baba Personally then here you will also get the Kambal Wale Baba Ka Pata our Address is Rajasthan.

Here we told you all the easiest ways to make the contact with the Kambal Wale Baba. So first of all you need to read the whole article. We always provide the best and most valuable information on our topic. The content is written in very simple languages so that everyone can easily understand it.

Read the whole article given below.

Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number

There are so many people who already know about the Kambal Wale Baba. As he gives us cures for all kinds of diseases. But some people now want to know about the way of his treatment. By reading this article you also get the detail about the Kambal wale Baba Treatment Detail and also contact detail.

Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number

Kambal Wale Baba Contact Number

As per the detail, Kambal Bale Baba Set their Camps in various places for the people. People from many places come to these camps and get treatment for their diseases. All the people who want to come and join the Camps of Kambal wale Baba need their Contact Detail.

Kambal Bale Baba Contact detail ***********

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Mobile Number

To know about the Camp detail of the Kambal Wale Baba you need their contact detail. After making the contact with those numbers you easily know the exact dates of the camps. These camps will be organized for 5 to 6 days. All the patients who will not walk, or hear, are paralyzed, and have cancer they also have to come to these camps. All age group people come to them for their treatment. 

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Mobile Number
Kambal Wale Baba Ka Mobile Number

His session will be for two hours. Every two hours he rests for 15 to 20 minutes. And the same cycle is repeated every time till the night for every day. No matter which kind of disease you have, baba Ji cure almost all kind of diseases. To date, he cured thousands of people.

Kambal Bale Baba Mobile Number **********

कम्बल वाले बाबा के मोबाइल नंबर

कम्बल वाले बाबा जी इस समय बहुत ही ज्यादा फेमस हो गए है. क्योकि वो आये दिन हर बीमारी का इलाज  कर देते है. वो हर जगह पर अपना कैंप लगाते है और उसके बाद लोगो का इलाज करते है. वह जगह जगह घूम घूम कर हर राज्य के हर शहर में अपना कैम्प लगाते है . और लोग भी इनके पास अपना इलाज करवाने आते है. इस समय बाबा जी के पास एक काली पगड़ी होती और एक कला कम्बल होता है. जिससे की बह बिमारिय ठीक करते है. वैसे तो बाबा जी मूल रूप से गुजरात राज्य के रहने वाले है. हाल ही में बह छत्तीसगढ़ , मध्य प्रदेश, राजस्थान इत्यादि में कैम्प लगा चुके है.

इनके हर कैम्प में बहुत ही लोग आते है और अपना इलाज करवाते है. इलाज करते हुए वह कहते है की यह सीधी उन्हें माता रानी से मिलाती है. Rakesh Fatakada Savli Contact Number

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Address Rajasthan

As per the detail about the kambal Wale Baba Address that when he was 4 years old he stay with his Guru ji at kamakhya Ashram. He was born in District Surendrangara Tehsil Lattar and Kadan Village of Gujarat. He gets his Black Kambal from the temple of Kail Mata, which is also his Kuldevi. He organized his Camps in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. Miss Chocolate Viral Video

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Contact Number Detail

As per the detail that there is no contact number has been given by Kambal Wale Baba to anyone. Because he doesn’t want to expose his number online. But if we get the same contact number from anyone, then surely we share the same with you. Kali Kamli Wale Baba Contact Number

Contact Number **********
Phone Number **********
Whatsapp Number *********
Mobile Number *********
Fax Number *********
Office Number *********
Residence Number *********
New Number ***********

Aayu & Pihu Show Contact Number

Bageshwar Dham Contact Number

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