Lunar Property Registration 2023, Certificate Land Registry @

Lunar Property Registration 2023, Certificate Land Registry @

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Now that Lunar Property Registration has begun, all interested residents can purchase land on the Moon. by going to the Lunar Lands Registry’s official website. www.Lunar Registry Users can get their moon land registry certificates from this page, which is also available. Nowadays, everyone is interested in purchasing land on the Moon thanks to the ISRO’s Chandaryaan 3 launch.

Therefore, the Indian government and ISRO authorities have developed a new portal for everyone in response to the desire in settling on the moon. The Lunar Property Registration Portal allows people to purchase land on the moon for personal use. You’ve come to the right place if you were looking for Lunar property registration.

We are now talking about the Registry Process, Prices Per Acre, and How to Get Land On Moon. Read the whole article Below.

Lunar Property Registration 2023

The ISRO officials have opened the registration process for lunar property and encouraged potential buyers. It costs $34 per acre, and interested persons can purchase it by going to the ISRO office in Bengaluru. Every citizen of the nation dreams of owning land, and now the ISRO has developed a brand-new method to make that goal a reality. Citizens can now purchase Lunar Registration 2023, which is a piece of land on the moon. One must finish the application process on the official website, which is accessible at, in order to obtain the land.

Lunar Property Registration

Lunar Property Registration

Buy Land on Moon at Lunar registry Com- Overview

Information Lunar Lands Registration
Launched By ISRO
Government Central Government
Registration Mode Online
Date of Launch 25-08-2023
Post Category Info
Cost 34$ Per Acre
How to Buy Official of Lunar

Lunar Lands Registry At Moon

Users must register their lunar lands online using the Lunar Lands Registry Link provided below in order to obtain their own land on the moon in every corner. To obtain their own piece of land on the moon, many people are looking for the Lunar Lands Registration. As we are all aware, Chandaryaan 3 has now successfully reached the moon’s surface. In order to verify the terrain, they have published the Lunar Lands Registry (ILLR) on their official website. If you are interested in purchasing this land, you can examine the lunar map online and obtain the land according to your preferences. Scroll down to learn more about the registration procedure.

Lunar Land Property Registration Cost

The cost to register a lunar property is $60 per acre, according to the officials. You must pay Rs. 4800 to create the registry in your name in order to obtain One Acre of Land on the Moon. To have the ISRO officials register you in your name, you must have the proper documentation. Check the information below to finish the registration procedure.

How to Buy Land on Moon Lunar Land/ Property Registration 2023

By completing the Lunar Property Registration process on the ISRO Official Website, citizens can obtain their own piece of land on the moon. Simply follow the procedures outlined below to finish creating the registration.

  • Direct access to the Lunar Land Registration Official Website is available to the public at
  • Click the Buy Land On Moon button that is located on the site by going to
  • Then decide where you want to make your landing on the moon.
  • Now enter the owner’s name and the desired number of acres of land on the moon.
  • After that, enter in the information for the gift message and the special date in the fields below.
  • Now enter your email address and press the below-listed submit button.
  • After that, pay using any online payment option.
  • Final step: Download the land registry on your name by clicking the Complete button below.
  • The land you have chosen is then allocated.

Lunar registration Quick Links

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