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Your Portal to Online Services in Madhya Pradesh: Mponline Login

Online services have dominated our lives in the current digital era. Everything is available online, including banking and shopping. The introduction of the Mponline portal by the Madhya Pradesh government is another step in the direction of digitisation. This site provides a vast array of online services, such as the ability to register for exams and pay utility bills. Everything you need to know about Mponline login, including how to login, change your password, create a new account, and the advantages of utilising this portal, will be covered in this post.

Mponline: What is it?

The Madhya Pradesh government created the web site mponline to provide its inhabitants a range of services. The site provides a number of services, such as paying utility bills, signing up for exams, submitting applications, and much more. For all of your online service needs in Madhya Pradesh, turn to the mponline portal.

How Do I Sign Into Mponline?

You must log in to your account in order to use any of Mponline’s services. Here is a detailed explanation on how to achieve that:

Step 1: Go to to access the Mponline login page.

Step 2: Fill up the blanks with your User ID and Password.

Step 3: To access your account, click the “Login” option.

How Do I Change My MpOnline Password?

Don’t worry if you lost your Mponline password! This is how to reset it:

Step 1: Go to to access the Mponline login page.

Step 2: Select the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

Step 3: Fill up the blanks with your User ID and registered email address.

Step 4: Press the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5: A link to reset your password will be sent to you through email. For help changing your password, go to the email’s instructions.

How Do I Create a New Mponline Account?

You may simply create a Mponline account if you don’t already have one by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to to access the Mponline registration page.

In the second step, select the ‘New User Registration’ link.

Step 3: Enter your contact information, which should include your name, address, email, and cellphone number.

Create a user ID and password in step 4.

Step 5: To finish the registration procedure, click the “Submit” button.

The Advantages of the Mponline Portal

The Mponline site provides its users with a number of advantages, such as:

  • Time-saving: Using the Mponline portal for a variety of services rather than going to banks or government offices will save you a lot of time.
  • Convenience: The gateway is accessible at any time and from any location, making it a practical choice for those with hectic schedules.
  • Secure: Your personal information and financial data are protected by encryption on the portal, which is secure.
  • Services Offered: The site provides a huge selection of services, such as paying utility bills, signing up for exams, submitting applications, and much more.
  • Cost-effective: Since there are no additional fees for making payments online, using the Mponline portal is a cost-effective method to access a variety of services.

Assistance with Mponline Portal

You may ask for help from their customer support service if you run into any difficulties when trying to enter or use the Mponline site. The site provides a number of assistance options, including:

  • Support over the phone is available at 0755-6721111, their customer service number.
  • Email assistance is available through their customer service department at
  • Online help: You may also use the Mponline portal’s online help centre there to submit a support ticket or get answers to commonly asked issues.

Why Would Someone Use Mponline?

For the people of Madhya Pradesh, the mponline platform has changed the game. It offers a platform for using a variety of internet services while relaxing in your home or place of business. The gateway is a great choice for those with hectic schedules since it is safe, dependable, and affordable. The site provides a number of services, such as paying utility bills, signing up for exams, submitting applications, and much more. You may save time, avoid long lines, and complete tasks swiftly and effectively by using the Mponline site.


In conclusion, Madhya Pradesh’s Mponline portal is a useful resource for obtaining online services. The gateway is a great choice for those with hectic schedules since it is simple to use, secure, and provides a variety of services. You may quickly log in, reset your password, create a new account, and gain the advantages of utilising the Mponline portal by following the instructions provided in this article. You may ask their customer care team for help if you run into any problems utilising the site.

mponline login

Mponline Limited
MPOnlineLimited is an important initiative and concept of e-governance of the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Login – MPOnline
Please enter the sum of two numbers you see in the image, in the provided textbox. Doing so helps prevent automated programs from abusing this service.


Samagra E-Kyc –
Samagra with. Aadhaar. We provide facility for Citizen to link Samagra with Aadhaar. Click to e-KYC Verification link for next process.

Important Notice: If the school is unable tologinwith the existing password, use the ‘Generate Password’ link to recover the new password. Contact Us. GET IN TOUCH. Address: Link Road 1, M.P. Nagar, Behind DB Mall, Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462011. Hours:Open 10:30 A.M Closes 5:30 PM.

userloginमहत्वपूर्ण सूचना: यदि स्कूल मौजूदा पासवर्ड के साथ लॉगिन करने में असमर्थ है, तो नया पासवर्ड पुनः प्राप्त करने के लिए ‘जेनरेट …

MP Online – C. H. Robinson
Username . Password . Remember me

Edit Profile Creation First Phase – MPOnline
UserLogin. Edit Profile Creation First Phase . Enter Your Registered Mobile Number * Search: Powered by …

Important Notification – MPOnline
For General Enquiry. Madhya Pradesh State Dental Council. Address: 101 – First Floor, Royal House, Near Bright School, Usha Ganj Main Road, Jaora Compound, Indore – 452001. Contact no:0731 – 2700 105. Email

MPOnline Limited – Citizen Services
नागरिक सेवाएँ. अपना सीएससी. आवेदन

Email or Call Us with any queries or inquries. We would be happy to answer your Questions. +91 755 672 0200. contact [at]mponline [dot]gov [dot]in.

PDFWelcome to e-pravesh online portal
Step- 1 visit website All the Government Colleges / Universities are provided with their User ID and Password for All the Private Colleges are requested to take the User ID and Password for E-Pravesh from their respective mapped colleges/ lead colleges.

G2G Login – MPOnline
DepartmentLoginAboutMPOnlineContact Us DepartmentLoginVerify! You are human ForgotPassword …

MPOnline Limited – Citizen Services
नागरिक सेवाएँ. विज्ञापन. आवेदन

Rajya Shiksha Kendra Madhya Pradesh
This is an IT platform of Rajya Shiksha Kendra, Madhya Pradesh which is being developed with the aim to complete all the educational/academic process in a better way, at present class 5th and class 8th board exams are being conducted from this portal. It has core functionality like verification of students, allotment of exam center, admit card, attendance in exam, evaluation of answer sheet …

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