(Registration) Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2023 Online Application Form

(Registration) Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2023 Online Application Form

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Information of Online Registration for Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2023 Online Application Form for 50% Subsidy Build Pond at http://upagripardarshi.gov.in.

Pond in the field is launched by the Utter Pradesh government in favor of the farmers. In utter Pradesh every year there are heavy rainfall in the state. This water of rain is unuseful.  the water of rain is not using in the field for further use. The name of This scheme is Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2023.

And when there is summer season too much hot in utter Pradesh and there is also problems of water .so pond in helping the farmers to make a pond in their field. The farmers supply water in the fields with the help of tube wells but everyone has not much money to buy tub wells.

So utter Pradesh government help the poor peoples to make a pond in their field . They gathered the water of the rain that pond and save water. This water is used in their field and for further use. We can share with you all the information that how you can make this pond. And on which ways government helps you to make a pond in the field.

Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2023

Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana is a very good step to help the poor people who face the water problem in their field. In the rainy season, there is too much rain in our country. So with the help of this scheme, you can collect the rainwater for the field. So many farmers supply water to fields with tubwells.

Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana

This is the easy way to give water in the field. but tub well Is not bought by the poor farmers and they face the problem of water in farming. because of this, they do not get good crops in the field.

In front of this problem, UP government launched pins in the Field Yojna. With the help of this scheme, the government gives 50% of the investment. The benefit of the scheme is that the farmers made a pond in their own Field and collect the water of rain.

They can use the water of rain in their farming.There is no wastage of water .and it help the poor farmer in less investment.

UP Khet Talab Yojana Subsidy 50% Build Pond

This scheme is given benefit for those farmers who are not able to make a pond and put the plastic in it. So the government gives help with 50% of the investment to make the pond.

The main motive of this Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana is to collect water and give financial support to the poor farmers. All the Farmer from the category can register for this scheme. This scheme is for every farmer in the state.

This scheme is start in1July 2016 till the 5 years . the purpose of the scheme to help the farmers. The government invested 50,000 crores in the last five years.

Overview of Khet Talab Yojana

Name of the scheme Khet Talab Yojana
Launched by: Utter Pradesh government.
Beneficiary: farmers of Utter Pradesh.
Purpose of the scheme: collect water of rain for farming.
Government invested: 50% on the the construction.
Amount: 52,000 To 75,000 according to the construction.
Post Category UP Govt. Scheme

Types of the ponds In Khet Talab Yojana UP

Pond in the Field is for collect the rainwater for the farm I use and not wasting the water of rain. Government help to make this pond . for construction, the government invested 50% of the total amount.  

The government gives the benefit for the farmers. The Agriculture Department targeted ten 126 farmers who made the pond in their Field.

Types of ponds in the scheme.

  • Plastic lining pond : size 20×20×3meter(fabric Area 635 square meter)
  • Plastic lining pond: size32×32×3 meter( fabric area 1426 square meter)
  • And Plastic lining pond:size45×45×3meter(fecric area 2642 square meter)

Major Benefit of Khet Talab Yojana

  • Inspire the farmers to collect water and best use of water.
  • Collect the rain water for use in farming.
  • Use the collected water safely.
  • And development in geology.
  • Help the poor farmers for make pond.

Subsidy / Anudan Amount Given under Khet Talab Yojana UP

The government gives the 50% of the grant in 3 installments by by DBT. Now we are sharing the information that how much amount you get in grants when you are registered for the scheme.

  Grant given by the government is 50% to all the farmers in the state of all categories or Rs 52,500/ and if you construct the kaccha pond then the amount is Rs.75,000/ and with plastic lining for pond ₹300micron according to the grant is payable by the government.

The agriculture minister said that approximately 2000 ponds are made under the scheme. There are 3300 ponds are under construction with the help of the scheme. So many places in the utter Pradesh that get benefits with the scheme like Bundelkhand ,chitrakut, hamirpur, Jhansi, Jalon, and Lalitpur.

When the farmers want to construct the pond the department show them the three types of models of pond . they choose one of them and construct one of them in their field.

Apply Online for Khet Talab Yojana UP Online Registration Form 2023

There are some steps that you follow for registration:

  • Login on the official website I.e.www.upagripardrshi.gov.in/
  • Download application form from the official website.
  •  Now register for pond in Field Yojna.
  • If you are not able to contact with online process ,then you contact with your nearest Gram Panchayat.
  • If there is no any information about the Yojna,then you can get information through your Tehsil  or Block.

Document List for Khet Talab Yojana 2023

  • Original documents required for Yojna in concern of agriculture department.
  • Get receipt from the office.
  • Submission of Adhar card.
  • Bhamashah card number is mandatory for subsidy.
  • Copy of Jamabandi.
  • Affidavit regarding irrigation land.

FAQ’s of Khet Talab Yojana

What is Time Limit for the build of Pond Under Khet talab Yojana?

The work of Pond construction will be completed within 30 days.

Who provides the benefit of Khet Talab Yojana UP?

You can take the benefit under this scheme by your District Level Agriculture Officers.

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