Sunday Shillong Teer Morning Result Today Live, Sunday 05 March 2023 1st & 2nd Round Result List

Sunday Shillong Teer Morning Result Today Live, Sunday 05 March 2023 1st & 2nd Round Result List

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Get the complete detail about the Sunday Shillong Teer Morning Result Today Live, Sunday 05 March 2023 1st & 2nd Round Result List given here.

On 5th March 2023 Result Shillong morning Teer result is coming out. The result is declared with all the rounds and games for a number of winners. The official website of reader master provides you with all the details of Shillong Teer’s results. For that, you can visit the official website of www Carbohydrate protein there is no official website of the tear so you can check the result On the Reader master. Today in this article we share with you all the details of Shillong’s morning tea result. It is very helpful for the participants who can participate in the Shillong morning tea game. So many candidates are participating and this game to win the game. This article helps you to get information about the result with step by step process.

Shillong Teer Morning Result 2023

Shillong Teer Morning Result

Shillong Teer Morning Result

Candidates to participate in the Shillong morning Teer game then they have good news the result of this game is declared on the official website. The result is declared on 3rd March 2023. Participants get the result detail about the game with the first round and the second round which is played at 10:30 a.m. And 11:30 a.m. M block this article so you can get the detail of common numbers’ previous results and Shillong morning Teer result sorry double the article till the end.

Highlights of  Sunday Shillong Morning Teer Result 2023 Today Live 5th March 2023

Name of the game  Shillong morning Teer game.
Name of the article  Shillong morning Teer result 2023
Lottery  archery game.
Organized by  state Government of Meghalaya 
Type of the game  gambling
Target of the game  to win a lottery prize
Surprise  rupees 2000 to 8000.
Ticket price of the lottery  starting from Rs 2 200 per bet.
Result announcing date  3rd March 2023.
Result Declared  already declared
Check result  online
Official website

Shillong Morning Teer Result of First and Second Rounds 2023

Candidates can purchase the Shillong morning Teer lottery tickets from the shops which are selected by the organizers. These lottery tickets were announced by the state government of Meghalaya. The state set up near about 5000 Ticket booking counters. All these ticket booking counter is available in the 23 districts of Meghalaya. Interested candidates can purchase Lottery tickets from rupees 2 to Rs.200. According to the bet, the participant wins the winning money of rupees 2000 to Rs. 8000. For the winning prize participant can play a game in which they can guess the last two digits of the total number of Arrow. In the game complete and hit the target in a day.

If anyone guesses the correct number then they win the lottery prize. There are also two rounds in the game in the first round there are 50 answers shot 30 years and in the second round participant can have only 20 hours and it is. The winner of the game is depending on the arrow’s last two digits which is hit by the participant.

Previous Result list of Shillong Morning Teer 2023

Result Date  First Round Second Round
Second March 2023  61 63
 1st March 2023   36 23
 n 28 February 2023  76 71
27 February 2023  63 44
 26 February   58 12
 February 2023  97 57
February 2023   92 03
22 February 2023 74 05
21 February 2023 38 34
20 February 2023 10 86
19 February 2023 72 95
18 February 2023 52 97
17 February 2023 41 13
16 February 2023 61 03
15 February 2023 84 73
14 February 202 89 59
13 February 2023 83 49
12 February 2023 81 40
11 February 2023 52 16
10 February 2023 24 80
9 February 2023 26 36
8 February 202 27 54
7 February 2023 78 01
6 February 202 55 51
5 February 2023 02 30
4 February 21 26
3rd February 2023 92 03
2nd February 2023 76 81
1st February 2023 93 27

Process for Check the Shillong Morning Teer Lottery Result 2023 Today Live

The State Government of Meghalaya organized the Shillong morning Teer game all over the district of the state. Gambling game in which chance to win the pricing money. There is also professional archery in the game which is heard by the Khasi Hills archery sports association. In the first round, they should hit 30 arrows and in the second round, they shoot 20 arrows. The Target of the arrow depends on the hit target and after completing the first and second round result will be declared.

To get information about the result you can visit the little master social website. We share you the step-by-step detail to check the result of Shillong morning Teer.

  • Firstly visit the official website of radar master which is www.
  • You can see the result of the first round at 20:30 am and the result for the second round is declared at 20:30 am.
  • After results releasing tickets participants match their tickets with the first round participants reward  rupees 80 for every bet
  • For the second around participants reward Rs. 70 to the winners for every bet.

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