Ashok Gehlot Contact Number | Whatsapp/ Phone / Mobile Number

Ashok Gehlot Contact Number | Whatsapp/ Phone / Mobile Number

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Ashok Gehlot Contact Number, Whatsapp Number, Personal Phone and Mobile Number, CM Gehlot Email ID, Facebook Account, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ashok Gahlot is CM of Rajasthan. He works a very good job in their political career. So many people want to contact Ashok Gahlot but they can’t. It is not very easy to directly contact CM the state.

For this, we are sharing the contact no. From which you can call CM. We can share your social media account like Facebook ID, Twitter account, and Instagram account. with the help of social media, you can share your problem in to message him.

Ashok Gehlot Contact Number

Anyone who belongs to the state of Rajasthan and wants to Make contact with Ashok Gehlot who is the present Chief Minister of the state can get the contact Number detail from here.

if you have any type of complaint or suggestion you want to share the same with your CM of the state, then this information will go to be very useful to you.

Ashok Gehlot Contact Number

With the help of this article, you will get the detail about that how you can contact him and what is the best way to contact him. Read the full article given below.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Personal Detail

Ashok Gehlot is Born on 3 May 1951. He is currently the chief minister of Rajasthan. His father’s name is Babu Laxman Singh he was a magician who use to around travel the country to show his magic tricks.

There is no connection to politics in his family. He is doing graduation in law and science. He is doing MA in economics. His wife’s name is Sun it a Gahlot.

Ashok Gehlot Father: Laxman Singh

CM Ashok Gehlot Mother: N/A

Ashok Gehlot Wife: Sunita Gehlot

He is a member of the National Congress party. He is very inspired by baby Mahatma Gandhi’s teaching. he is eating before sunset and he eats satvik meal.

Ashok Gehlot Political Career

He contest his First election for Rajasthan legislative Assembly in 2013congress suffered its worst defeated by only 21 seats in 200 assemblies. Gahlot was appointed as an AICC general secretary in 2013.

He managed congress’s general affairs. Ashok Gahlot was appointed due to his experience. He is also known as the tough administrator.

On July 2020Sachon pilot was sacked from his cabinet and PCC president of Rajasthan due to enmity between the rank of congress party in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Helpline Number

In every state, all the chief minister have their own helpline number. By calling on that helpline number you can easily get the solution to your problem. So the Rajasthan CM Helpline Number is 181.

By calling on this helpline number you can inform about your problem directly to the Chief Minister of the state.

CM Ashok Gehlot Contact Number Details

There are so many sources from which we contact with AshikGahlot. It is not very easy but with the help of staff members and address you can share your problem with him. we can share the address of Ashok Gahlotbelow:

  • Office Address of Ashok Gahlot: 8 civil lines Jaipur.
  • E-mail
  • House address: Daron kabas,ma ha mandir Jodhpur ,Rajasthan.
  • Contact no.:91-141-2227656
  • Mobile number:9829048689/9829832323
  • Office address of Ashok Gahlot: Chief minister office, secretariat, Jaipur 302005, Rajasthan India.

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Ashok Gehlot Phone & Mobile Number

Phone no.-91-141-2227656

Phone no.-91-141-2227647


CMO Rajasthan Official Website

Raj CM Ashok Gehlot Personal WhatsApp Number

It is not very easy to share personal contact no. with the public. you can contact that office contact by message on the social media account to share your problem. There are so many fake contacts on the Internet but are given you only true information that we can share with Social Media accounts.

Ashok Gehlot Social Media Account

Ashok Gahlotha’s social media accounts like Facebook I’d , Twitter ID , Instagram, or his email I’d . with the help of that contact you can message to Ashok Gahlot . you can also complain or share your problem to write messages on the social media account.

It is not very easy to direct contact with CM of state but by other ways you can contact with Ashok Gahlot. There are some social account of Ashok Gahlot:

  • In Instagram: you can share your video or photo fromashokgehlot(@ashokgahlot.nic)
  • Twitter account:@ashokgehlot51 .you can message with the help of twitter or share your problems.
  • Facebook page of Ashok Gahlot:agreeGahlot social media team.
  • Facebook ID is in the name of Ashok Gahlot.

How to Get appointment to meet with Ashok Gehlot

Any one who wants to meet with Ashok gehlot chief Minister of the state have to take the online appointment. You can take this appointment by calling on the state Official office number. detail of which given below.

Chief Minister’s Office +91-141-2227656, +91-141-2227647
Chief Minister’s Residence +91(141)2228712, +91(141)2228713
Pr. Secretary to Chief Minister +91-141-2227308
Pr.OSD to Chief Minister  +91-141-2227185
Chief Accounts Officer, +91-141-2227679
Nodal Officer for RTI in CMO +91-141-2229244
Public Information Officer for CMO +91-141-2227472

FAQ’s of Ashok Gehlot Contact Number

How We can meet with Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot?

You can easily meet with Cm Ashok Gehlot by fixing the appointment.

Is there any of the personal number available on Internet of Cm Ashok Gehlot?

Due to security Reason there is no any personal number available on the internet.

Who is the present Chief Minister of the Rajasthan State?

The present Chief Minister of the state is Ashok Gehlot.

Ashok Gahlot do so many good for the people of Rajasthan. So many people inspired with him. In his young age he is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi Ji .so he can follow all the rules of mahatma Gandhi .

And also apply that in his life .His lifestyle is very many people want to contact with him .so we are sharing you all the address and other contacts of Ashok Gahlot. They can help you contact with Ashok Gahlot.

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