ECHS Beneficiary Login 2023 | ID and Password | With Mobile Number | Forgot Password

ECHS Beneficiary Login 2023 | ID and Password | With Mobile Number | Forgot Password

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ECHS Beneficiary Login 2023 | ID and Password | With Mobile Number | Forgot Password | ECHS Beneficiary App Login In India, retired members of the armed forces and their dependents have access to a full range of healthcare services through the Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS). The ECHS Portal is an online resource created to offer a range of services and details about the ECHS programme. Please keep in mind that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021 and that the ECHS Portal may have had modifications or adjustments since then.

ECHS Beneficiary Login 2023

You can go to the official website of the ECHS ( and search for the login or registration part of the portal to access it and use its services. Remember that the specific steps and features can have changed, so it’s best to check the official website or get in touch with the ECHS officials for the most recent details. Now here we also provide you the direct link of the Official Portal of the ECHS so that you can easily Login on the accounts.

ECHS Beneficiary Login

ECHS Beneficiary Login
Feature Description
Online Registration Beneficiaries can register on the portal by providing the necessary details and documentation.
ECHS Smart Card Application Beneficiaries can apply for an ECHS Smart Card online, the primary identity card for ECHS benefits.
Online Appointment Booking Beneficiaries can book appointments with ECHS empaneled hospitals and polyclinics through the portal.
Medical Facilities Information The portal provides information about ECHS empaneled hospitals, polyclinics, and other medical facilities across India.
Claims Submission Beneficiaries can submit their medical reimbursement claims online through the portal, along with necessary supporting documents.
Grievance Redressal The portal facilitates the registration and tracking of grievances raised by beneficiaries for resolution.

Online Services List and Features of ECHS Portal Login

Online registration: By submitting the required information and documentation, new beneficiaries can register on the portal.

Online ECHS Smart Card Application: The portal enables beneficiaries to submit an online application for an ECHS Smart Card, which serves as their primary form of identification when utilising ECHS benefits.

Online Appointment Scheduling: Through the site, beneficiaries may schedule appointments at hospitals and polyclinics that are recognised by the ECHS.

Information on Medical Facilities: The portal lists hospitals, polyclinics, and other medical facilities in India that have been accredited by the ECHS.

Beneficiaries may use the portal to submit their claims for medical reimbursement together with any required supporting documentation.

Redress of Grievances: The ECHS Portal makes it easier for beneficiaries to register and track their grievances, allowing them to find a solution to any problems they may be having.

Benefit of ECHS Beneficiary Mobile App

  • Booking Appointment Sitting right at home.
  • Check Application and card status for 64 kb card
  • Get Contact of all Regional Centers all over India.

Government Schemes of India

ECHS Beneficiary Login

  • Use a web browser to navigate to the official ECHS website (
  • On the home page of the website, look for the “Beneficiary Login” or “Login” option. Usually, it can be found in the top right corner or in the main menu.
  • Select “Beneficiary Login” or “Login” from the menu. You will be directed to the login page as a result.
  • You will typically find areas to enter your login information on the login page. Your ECHS Smart Card number, password, and a security captcha code are usually the necessary credentials.
ECHS Beneficiary Mobile App
ECHS Beneficiary Mobile App
  • Your ECHS Smart Card number and password should be entered in the corresponding boxes. There might be a “First Time Login” or “Forgot Password” option to help you create or reset your password if you haven’t already done so.
  • To prove that you are not a robot, precisely enter the security captcha code that is presented on the screen.
  • To access your ECHS beneficiary account after providing the necessary information, click the “Login” or “Submit” button.

Steps For ECHS Beneficiary App Login

  • Download the ECHS Beneficiary App to your smartphone. It is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices, respectively.
  • After installation, launch the ECHS Beneficiary App on your smartphone.
  • You should be able to log in or create an account on the app’s home screen. Select “Login” by tapping it.
ECHS Beneficiary App Login
ECHS Beneficiary App Login
  • Your login information should be entered in the fields given. Normally, your ECHS Smart Card number and password are essential credentials. There might be a “First Time Login” or “Forgot Password” option to help you create or reset your password if you haven’t already done so.
  • After entering your login information, click “Login” or “Submit” to continue.
  • If your credentials are valid, the app will check them and provide you access to your ECHS beneficiary account.

ECHS Beneficiary Login Forgot Password

  • Use your mobile device to access the ECHS Beneficiary App or the official ECHS website (
  • The “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” option should be found. It is typically found on the website or app’s login page.
  • To reset your password, select “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password.” By doing this, the password reset procedure will start.
  • To confirm your identification, you might be asked to input your ECHS Smart Card number and other pertinent information. Give precise answers to the questions.
  • Open the ECHS Beneficiary App or go to the ECHS website ( You will normally receive an OTP (One-Time Password) or a password reset link on your registered mobile number or email address after submitting the essential information. Your password reset will be accomplished using this OTP or link.
  • If you get an OTP, enter it in the space provided on the page to reset your password. If you receive a link to reset your password, click it to go to the website where you can do so.
  • Enter a new password of your choice on the password reset screen. Make careful you select a memorable password that is both strong and unique.
  • The form must be submitted or the “Reset Password” button must be clicked once the new password has been entered to save the changes.
  • Your password should now be changed, and you can access your ECHS beneficiary account by entering the new password.

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