Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration | Date and Time| Registration Price

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration | Date and Time| Registration Price

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Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration | Date and Time| Registration Price | Prize Money:- An annual long-distance running competition is conducted in Hyderabad, India, called the Hyderabad Marathon. From all across the nation and the world, it brings together professional athletes, amateur runners, and fitness lovers. The opportunity to compete in different event categories, such as the full marathon (42.195 kilometres), half marathon (21.097 kilometres), 10K run, and 5K run, allows participants to put their stamina to the test.

The marathon normally takes place on Hyderabad’s streets, with the course passing by numerous tourist attractions and picturesque locales. The tournament aims to foster among participants a sense of competition as well as good health and fitness.

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration

The Hyderabad Marathon frequently has other events in addition to the competitive races, like as fitness expos, health and wellness displays, and cultural performances. These activities create a joyful atmosphere and enhance both the experience of the participants and the spectators.

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration

The Hyderabad Runners Society, a nonprofit organisation devoted to promoting running and fitness in the city, organises the Hyderabad Marathon. They cooperate with the local government, sponsors, and volunteers to make sure the event runs smoothly.

For the most recent information on registration, race dates, and other specifics, I suggest visiting the Hyderabad Runners Society’s official website or following them on social media if you’re interested in running the Hyderabad Marathon.

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration Date-Overview

Name of Event Hyderabad Marathon 2023
Organized by NMDC
Date 26th and 27th August 2023
Full Marathon 42.195
Half Marathon 21.097
10K Run 10
5K Run 5
Information Given Registration
Registration Mode Online

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration Price

Marathon entry prices can change from year to year and can be influenced by things like the event category, early bird specials, and any other perks offered to participants.

I advise consulting the Hyderabad Runners Society’s official website or their social media accounts to learn the cost of the Hyderabad Marathon registration. These resources frequently offer thorough details about registration deadlines, costs, and any participant discounts or packages.

Event Amount (INR)
10K 1400
5K 800

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Prize Money

The amount of the marathon prize pool might differ depending on a number of variables, such as the race category, the level of the competition, and sponsorship agreements.

Typically, the top finishers in each category receive prize money for marathons, with the champions receiving larger sums. Major marathons frequently provide sizeable prize pools to entice elite runners and raise the level of competition in the race.

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration Last Date

Starting Date 26th August 2023
Last Date 27th August 2023

How to Register For Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration Form?

You can adhere to these fundamental guidelines to sign up for the Hyderabad Marathon:

  • Visit the company’s website: Visit the Hyderabad Runners Society’s official website or the Hyderabad Marathon’s specific website. You can find all the relevant facts and registration information here.
  • Choose a race category: Decide which race category, such as the full marathon, half marathon, 10K run, or 5K run, you want to compete in. Be sure to review the requirements for each category’s eligibility.
  • the registration form, and submit it: Give correct and thorough information when completing the online registration form. This usually includes personal information like name, age, and gender as well as contact information, emergency contact information, and any other particular information the organisers may need.
  • Pay the registration fee: Use one of the accepted payment methods to pay the registration price. Instructions on how to make the payment securely will be available on the website. Check the fee amount and any available early bird or discount options.
  • To participate in some marathons, you may need to present the required paperwork, including a medical certificate or confirmation that you’ve completed other races in the past. Verify any requirements by reviewing the registration criteria.
  • Verify your registration: You ought to have received a registration number or an email of confirmation upon the completion of the registration form and payment. This documentation serves as your registration evidence; keep it secure.

Hyderabad Marathon 2023 Registration Portal: Click Here

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