Tanishq Diwali Gift Whatsapp Link, Tanishq Diwali Gift 6000 Rupees Fake or Real

Tanishq Diwali Gift Whatsapp Link, Tanishq Diwali Gift 6000 Rupees Fake or Real

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Tanishq Diwali Gift Whatsapp Link, Tanishq Diwali Gift 6000 Rupees Fake or Real:- Hello, friends as we know that Diwali festival is coming this year in October month 2023. And there are so many companies who announced Diwali gifts etc. So many messages also come on your mobile phone with the message of winning prizes or money directly in your account. Friends are aware of these messages.

We share with you the information about the Tanishq Diwali gift link scam. There are so many customers of Tanishq who are purchase jewelry from Tanishq. Tanishq is very popular for its jewelry and Diamonds. And on the mobile number of the customers of Tanishq, there will be the message of a Diwali gift by the Tanishq is coming. To check that this message is fake or real we help you through this article.

Some customers get a message on their WhatsApp number gift of rupees 6000 by Tanishq. Some customers are getting the message likes if you are a part of the Diwali festival offer then you win an iPhone or other exciting prizes by giving the answers to some questions. You give the answers and simple manners like yes and no”. Like these messages are fake and are sent by the fruits on your WhatsApp numbers.

 So friends do not give any detail of your account without knowing the truth. It will be fraud with you and your bank account. We hope that we sure you the real information about the Tanishq Diwali gift through this article.

Tanishq Diwali Gift Whatsapp Scam- 6000 Rupees Gift

If you are a customer of Tanishq then we help you through our articles that there are some fake messages sent in the message by the frauds. We provide you the information on whether the Diwali gift message is real or fake.

Tanishq Diwali Gift Whatsapp

Tanishq Diwali Gift Whatsapp

In the message by the Tanishq, they give you the greed of gift items and winning Rupees 6000. In the message that tells you that you will give the answers to some questions by yes or no. If you are answers are right then you will get the amount directly into your account.

But before that for the winning prize money then they ask you for your bank account number. But get the whole detail before giving your bank account number. If the message is fake then and sender takes out the whole money from your bank account. So friends there will be no gift offer of rupees 6000 rupees and other exciting prices by the Tanishq. Forget the details of the offer by Tanishq you can directly call on the Tanishq helpline number to get information about the offers on their official website.

Overview of Tanishq Diwali Gift Link Scam 

Brand Belongs Tanish
festival Diwali
Article Tanishq Diwali Gift
Gift Amount Rs.6000
Facts Fake Massage
Post Category Info

Tanishq Diwali 6000 rupees Gift Scam Link

By sending the Tanishq Diwali gift offer organizer sends you the OTP on your WhatsApp number. They give you the promise that if you are answers are right then money by that Tanishq is directly sent to your bank account. By sending the OTP money from your bank account is coming out. So friends do not click any link or any type of like these messages on your WhatsApp number. If you get any message of pricing offers or other winning gift items then immediately block that number.

During this festival season, so many people are made the target by scammers. But some people believe in these messages and share their account numbers but after some miss happening in the account that people lost their all money to scammers.

The main motive to share this message with the citizen of India that we are we are these fake message, scammers.

तनिष्क दिवाली गिफ्ट स्कैम रूपये 6000

हाल ही में सोशल मीडिया पर व्हात्सप्प पर एक ज्वेलरी ब्रांड तनिष्क दिवाली पर कुछ लोगो को कांटेस्ट के जरिये ६ हजार रूपये तक का इनाम देने जा रहा है. जो की सरासर गलत है. अगर आपके या फिर आपके किसी भी घर के सदस्य में फ़ोन में यह सन्देश आता है तो आपको एक कांटेस्ट खेलना होता है. उसके बाद आपको अपनी सारी जानकारी देनी होगी. परन्तु इसकी कोई भी जानकारी आपको इसकी अधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर नहीं मिलेगी. तो अगर आपको भी यह सन्देश आता है तो सतर्क रहे.

Check Reality of Tanishq Diwali Gift is Real or Fake

It is very easy e to check whether the Diwali gift offer is real or fake. You can visit the official website of Tanishq and search about the Tanishq Diwali gift offer. If there is any offer launched by Tanishq then that appears on the home screen otherwise there will be e know any message open on the screen.

Tanishq Diwali 6000 rupees Gift
Tanishq Diwali 6000 rupees Gift

Wish you a user another official website to check the fake or real messages that are www.waearepreuisite.top.

By visiting this official website peoples check the message which is coming from any other number of Tanishq. The fraud messages also provide the virus in your phone in which your phone data will be corrupted. So friends do not click any type of these messages.

The process if You Click on the Tanishq Diwali Gift Link of 6000 Rupees By Mistake

Sometimes there are so many candidates who click on the link after reading the message. If you do any mistake like this then don’t worry there is also a solution. You can change the password of your Gmail account on your mobile phone; change your net banking accounts and also confidential accounts.

But before clicking, any type of this gives two scamming get the details on the official website of Tanishq. You can also discuss these like messages with your friends or family members. But if you get any messages that ask about your bank account number then immediately block that number. We have that we shared with you or are aware of the fake messages sent by the fraud in the name of Tanishq.

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