Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition 2023

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition 2023

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Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition 2023 | Questions and Answers pdf In English Assamese | Lachit Borphukan Quiz Questions and Answers PDF | Quiz on Lachit Borphukan in Assamese:-

The state government of state assam is going to organise a quiz competition for the students, On the occasion of 400 birth anniversary of Assam war Hero, it will be organise. On 24th November 2023 , it is going to be held in the state. This day is celebrated as Lachit Divas in all over the state. On this day, the Chief Minister as announce that all the people of the state will light up the earth lamp in their homes for the war hero of the state. In the state, the celebration will start from 23rd November and will continue till 25 November 2023.

Today, with the help of this article we are going to provide you the details on Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition 2023. If you want to participate in this quiz competition, you have to fill out the and after that you will be the part of this quiz competition. You have to answer of the question in English language and in Assami language.

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition 2023

As per the latest information, the chief minister of Assam has approach to the central government to add the chapter related to Assam war hero in books so that, people will aware about this information that is celebrated in Assam state only. On this day, organisation will conduct a quiz competition in which all the people can participate. The state government is also said that, they want to organise this festival in assam state as well as in other states.

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition

The chief minister of Assam state has announced that anniversary of Lachit borphukan, we will organise a quiz competition for the people of the state only. Institutions organise different activities for the students on 24 November 2023. The festivals will be organise at district level and after that state level. People can participate in different activities like essay writing competition any other. The government will also organised blood donation camp on this day. Government organise different activities so that people can aware about .

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition Participate- Overview

Name of the quiz: Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition
Year: 2023
Celebrated for: 400 birth anniversary of Lachit borphukan
Important dates: 20 November to 24 November 2023
How to Participate Click Here

Lachit Borphukan Quiz 2023 Dates

All the schools, colleges and and institutions organised different quiz competitions for the student. Some institution organise essay on lachit Borphukan. Students have to write the essay in english and and Assam language. The dates of qu will be will be in between of the November 2 the November to 24 November you have. You have to prepare your is competition and you have to collect the all details related to Lachit borphukan. It will be in district and after that state level.

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition Questions and Answers pdf In English

Who was Lachit Borphukan?.
Lachit borphukan is a war hero of awesome state.

When Lachit Borphukan was born?
He was born on 24 November in Assam.

Q.In which year Lachit Borphukan was born?

Ans: Lachit Borphukan was born on 24th November 1622.

Q. Where was Lachit Borphukan born ?

Ans: Charaideo.

Q. What is the name of Lachit Borphukan’s Father ?

Ans: Momai Tamuli Borbaruah.

Q. What is the name of Lachit Borphukan’s Mother ?

Ans: Kunti Moran

Q. Lachit was the general of which Ahom king ?

Ans: King Chakradhwaj Singha.

Q. In which year was the battle of Alabai fought ?

Ans: In 1669.

Q. Who was responsible for the battle of Alabai ?

Ans: Ahom and Mughals.

Q. Who won the battle of Alabai?

Ans: Mughals.

Q. In which year the Battle of Saraighat was fought?

Ans: In 1671.

Q.Who was responsible for the battle of Saraighat?

Ans: Ahom and Mughals.

Q.Who won the battle of Saraighat?

Ans: Ahom.

Q. What was the name of Lachit Borphukan’s sister ?


Q.Who was the brother of Lachit Borphukan?

Ans: Laluk Nimati Phukan.

Q. Whose throat did Lachit Borphukan cut off ?

Ans: He beheaded his own uncle.

Q. What did Lachit Borphukan say when he got off his uncle’s throat ?

Ans: Detox Koi Mumai Dangor Nohoi (দেশ কই মুমাই ডাংগোৰ নোই)

Q.What was Lachit Borphukan uncle’s name?

Ans: Momai Tamuli Borbarua was the maternal uncle of Lachit Borphukan.

Q. Where is Momai Kata Fort located?

Ans: West side  of Guwahati

Lachit Borphukan Quiz Competition Questions and Answers pdf In Assamese

প্ৰঃ লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ জন্ম কোন চনত?

উত্তৰঃ লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ জন্ম হৈছিল ১৬২২ চনৰ ২৪ নৱেম্বৰত।

প্রঃ লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ জন্ম ক’ত ?

উত্তৰঃ চৰাইদেউ।

প্ৰঃ লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ পিতৃৰ নাম কি?

উত্তৰঃ মোমাই তামুলী বৰবৰুৱা।

প্ৰঃ লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ মাতৃৰ নাম কি?

 উত্তৰঃ কুন্তী মৰাণ

 প্ৰঃ লাচিত কোন আহোম ৰজাৰ সেনাপতি আছিল ?

 উত্তৰঃ ৰজা চক্ৰধ্বজ সিংহ।

 প্ৰঃ আলাবাইৰ যুদ্ধ কোন বছৰত হৈছিল ?

 উত্তৰঃ ১৬৬৯ চনত।

 প্ৰঃ আলাবাইৰ যুদ্ধৰ দায়িত্ব কোন আছিল ?

 উত্তৰঃ আহোম আৰু মোগল।

প্রঃ আলাবাইৰ যুদ্ধত কোনে জয়ী হৈছিল?

 উত্তৰঃ মোগল।

প্রঃ শৰাইঘাটৰ যুদ্ধ কোন চনত হৈছিল?

 উত্তৰঃ ১৬৭১ চনত।

 প্ৰঃ চৰাইঘাটৰ যুদ্ধৰ দায়িত্ব কোন আছিল?

 উত্তৰঃ আহোম আৰু মোগল।

 প্ৰঃ চৰাইঘাটৰ যুদ্ধত কোনে জয়ী হৈছিল?

 উত্তৰঃ আহোম।

প্ৰঃ লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ ভনীয়েকৰ নাম কি আছিল ?


প্ৰঃ.লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ ভাতৃ কোন আছিল?

উত্তৰঃ লালুক নিমাতী ফুকন।

প্রঃ কাৰ ডিঙি কাটিলে লাচিত বৰফুকনে ?

উত্তৰঃ তেওঁ নিজৰ ককাকৰ মূৰ কাটি পেলালে।

প্ৰঃ ককাকৰ ডিঙিৰ পৰা নামি লাচিত বৰফুকনে কি কৈছিল ?

উত্তৰ: ডিটক্স কই মুমাই ডাংগোৰ নোহোই (কেই মুনালৈ অহা)

প্ৰঃলাচিত বৰফুকন খুৰাৰ নাম কি আছিল?

উত্তৰঃ মোমাই তামুলী বৰবৰুৱা আছিল লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ মাতৃৰ ফালৰ পৰা ককাক।

প্ৰশ্ন : মোমাই কাটা দুৰ্গ ক’ত অৱস্থিত?

উত্তৰঃ গুৱাহাটীৰ পশ্চিম দিশ

People will have to prepare the questions like this for the participation in quiz competitions. You can get all the information related to him from the Google and it will be easy for you to reply all the questions very easily. You have to check out the information about his real name, date of birth and about on which date he was die. From which site he fought the war in 1671. You can also write essay by collecting all the information of him . You have to prepare according to the district level and state level questions that will help you to perform better in the quiz competition.

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