Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 Tickets Price | Dates and Location

Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 Tickets Price | Dates and Location

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Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 Tickets Price | Dates and Location | Tickets Booking Online:- Every year, music fans travel to a special location, which is none other than the Alsisar Palace in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. An annual music festival called Magnetic Fields Festival takes place in December. Through three days of soulful music, it aims to promote kinship, wealth, and harmony among people.

The Magnetic Fields Festival will take place this year from December 9 through December 11, 2023. The festival would feature a fusion of modern and indigenous music from Rajasthan. As many foreign tourists who are interested in learning about the local history, culture, custom, and talent of India attend this festival, it may also be seen as a cultural exchange event.

You’ll see individuals from all walks of life here, including gipsy souls, artists, music lovers, working professionals, and many more. There may also be visitors from important Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 Tickets Price

Tickets to Magnetic Fields Festival. Following a triumphant return in 2022 – we’re thrilled to be announcing ticket release dates for Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 .Tickets will go on sale on July 05 . Today with the help of this article we provide you the complete details about the Magnetic Fields festival Tickets Booking, Tickets Price and Venue location details. Here you will also get the direct link of the portal, where you can buy the online Tickets. Kindly Read the whole article given below.

Magnetic Fields Festival Tickets Price

Magnetic Fields Festival Tickets Price

Magnetic Field Festival 2023 Rajasthan Tickets

Event Name Magnetic Field Festival
Location: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India
Genre: Music and arts festival
Date: 15 16 17 December 2023
Duration: Usually spans over a weekend (2-3 days)
Lineup: Diverse mix of Indian and international artists across various music genres
Activities: Music performances, art installations, workshops, film screenings, curated experiences
Venue: Alsisar Mahal, a 17th-century palace-turned-hotel in Rajasthan
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Audience: Music enthusiasts, artists, and creatives from around the world

Details about Magnetic Field Festival 2023 Event

An annual music and arts festival called the Magnetic Fields Festival takes place in Rajasthan, India. It is renowned for its distinctive location in the Alsisar Mahal, a former palace that is now a hotel. The festival offers a varied roster of performers, featuring Indian and foreign musicians from a range of genres, including techno, indie, rock, and folk.

With music performances, art installations, workshops, film screenings, and specially planned events, the festival provides spectators with a dynamic and engaging experience. It strives to foster a sense of community where visitors may interact with the music, art, and culture in a beautiful and historic environment.

Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 Dates and Venue

Dates 15, 16 , 17 December 2023

Artist List at Magnetic Fields Festival 2023

1. Maribou State The Chris Davids and Liam Ivory electronic music duo made their debut in 2011. They have released two music albums, Portraits in 2015 and Kingdoms in Colour in 2018, as well as numerous remixes. They have succeeded in expanding their following internationally slowly but effectively. At Alsisar Fort in the Jhunjhunu District, they are currently lined up and ready to rock the house.
2. The Black Madonna The Black Madonna was born Marea Stamper, yet the world refers to her as such. She is renowned for producing music that is both energising and soulful. “One of the world’s most exciting turntablists” has been said about this profound and well-liked DJ and music producer. She chose her name after her mother’s favourite Catholic saint, the Virgin Mary, who is shown in the well-known Black Madonna artwork. She is now prepared to host musical nights at the Alsisar Fort.
3. Ross from Friends One of the newest and most well-known members of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder is Felix Clary Weatherall, better known as Ross from Friends. He is a well-known DJ and music producer. In 2015, Felix made his music debut with Breaker Breaker. At Alsisar Fort, he is making his stage debut. For both locals and visitors, experiencing something fresh to listen to musically will be a wonderful experience.
4. Hunee One of the bravest DJs and music producers is Hunee. He was born and raised in Bochum, West Germany, and at the age of 19 he relocated to Berlin. He is a vinyl addict and released a run of 12″ records in 2009 to mark his first vinyl debut. He is a firm believer in providing his audience with engaging music that truly uplifts them.
5. Palms Trax Palms Trax, a Berlin-based DJ company, is another standout in the DJ community. His debut album was released in October 2013 by the London-based label Lobster Theramin. He has some unique taste and talent as a DJ. His albums include Equation EP, Forever, In Gold, and others.

Attractions at Magnetic Field Festival 2023

1. Desert Camping

In addition to listening to soulful and wonderful music in Alsisar’s royal palace, one can go camping in the desert. It will be wonderful to experience the nomadic life in the desert only a hundred metres from the Alisar Palace. In the desert, there are many different kinds of tents. One of them is a Premium Budiont Tent, which is completely furnished and meets all requirements. It contains some charging ports as well as plush beds, blankets, and toiletries to keep you connected to city life.

2. Food Fun

You can enjoy eating Maggi on tiny vendors in the hamlet in addition to receiving the royal treatment at Rooftop Dining at the Palace. There are numerous food stands at the campsite where you may find anything you need. You can have delicious meals with your friends and family, like Blue Tokai Coffee, milkshakes, coconut water, pasta, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, and parathas.

3. Enjoy other activities

You can participate in a variety of festivities-related activities, such as kite flying, folk dancing, live music performances, yoga lessons, reiki sessions, sunset sessions, treasure hunts, etc.—while also enjoying all the party vibes.

5. Shopping Solace

A large number of gypsy-themed apparel and accessory stalls are also present at the campsite.

Magnetic Fields Festival Tickets Price 2023 For Entry

Pricing for tickets to particular events, such as the Magnetic Fields Festival. The cost of festival tickets might vary depending on the festival’s location, length, lineup, and any extras or packages that are offered.

I suggest checking the Magnetic Fields Festival’s official website or asking authorised ticket sellers for the most current and accurate information on ticket costs. They will be up to date on both ticket prices and availability for the particular event you want to attend.

How to Book Magnetic Field Festival 2023 Tickets Booking Online?

  • Visit the company’s website: Visit the Magnetic Fields Festival’s official website. Searching for “Magnetic Fields Festival official website” or a similar term will typically get it.
  • On the website, look for the “Tickets” or “Book Now” area. Here is where you can learn about ticket prices and availability.
  • Examine the various ticket choices, including those for public admission, VIP passes, and camping packages. Choose the one that best suits your preferences by weighing the advantages and features of each.
  • Decide on the size and kind: Choose the relevant ticket type and the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase. Watch out for any discounts or early bird deals that may be offered by certain festivals.
  • After choosing your tickets, add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout. You will be prompted to provide your personal information, including name, email address, and occasionally billing address, on the checkout page.
  • Payment: Choose your preferred type of payment and enter the required information. To complete the transaction safely, adhere to the instructions.
  • Confirmation: You should get an email with your ticket information after making a successful payment. Save and save this email as a record of your transaction.

Magnetic Field Festival Portal: Click Here

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