MLC Elections in Telangana 2023 Form 18 Apply Online

MLC Elections in Telangana 2023 Form 18 Apply Online

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MLC Elections in Telangana 2023 Form 18 Apply Online, MLC Voter List registration, Application Status

The state government of Telangana also nominates the candidates for the MLC election along with the Assembly and Parliament Elections. These elections are different from Assembly and Parliament Elections.

The citizens who have completed their three years of graduation are eligible for this MLC Elections of the state. The whole process of these MLC elections and voter card registration Moreover, the election commissions of the states have made the MLC Voter Registration Process Online.

These MLC elections are on two seats and fought for two seats for the undergraduate quota. you have to apply if you want to fight for the election in your Quota. The brief information is given here. to collect the complete information you have to read the full article given here.

MLC Elections in Telangana 2023

The election commission has announced the schedule for making electoral rolls for both two graduate consistencies. ON January 18 the final publication of electoral rolls has been decided. On October 1st, the public notice will be issued .last date for application is the 6th of November.

According to the Election commission if India, afresh electoral rolls shall be prepared in the prescribed manner. The de-novo preparation should be done before every by-election. The language in which the electoral rolls should be prepared is English and Telugu. All the guidelines of the election commission of India for enrollment of graduates should be followed.

MLC Voter Registration Telangana Important Date

Starting Date 1st Oct. 2023
Closing Date 6th Nov. 2023
Voter List Draft Released Date 1st December 2023
Final Voter List 18th January 2023

MLC Elections in Telangana Form 18

For preparing the electoral rolls for the graduates the constituencies should prepare afresh electoral rolls which includes all the names of those persons who are including in existing rolls and a fresh application has been submitted in Form-18.

 The head of the institutions may forward the applications of eligible staff together. The applications which are submitted in bulk shall not be considered. On behalf of eligible members in a family, a person may submit Form-18 .

The bulk applications which are submitted by political parties should not be considered. The names included in Form-18 should be printed in the district level and made available to all.

Graduate MLC Voter Registration Online in Telangana

The ERO (Electoral Registration officer) should appoint one designated officer for each polling station during the claims and objection receiving.It is the major duty of the designated officer to be available in the polling station during working hours on all working days and receive claims and objections.

The designated officer should also verify the applications received and the documents submitted by the applicants. The designated officer may be the rank of Deputy collector,SDO or revenue officer. A unique identity in the form of PIN number will be assigned to the designated officer. The booth-level officers should also be selected to verify the entries of graduates.

Eligibility Criteria of Telangana MLC Voter Registration

  1. The applicant apply for this election must be a resident of local constituency.
  2. The applicant must have completed his/her graduation of 3 years by 1st November 2020.
  3. The applicants who are former graduates are also eligible to re-apply.

Steps to Apply Online For Telangana MLC Voter Registration

  1. To apply online click on the link of website
  2. Select the instructions and click on Online Registration Form-18 (GRADUATES).
MLC Elections in Telangana 2020

  1. In this form firstly,enter the Graduate Constituency and District.
  2. Now in the Applicant Details Section, Enter the Name of the Applicant, Surname, Name of the Relative of the Applicant, Surname of Relative of Applicant, Type of Relation.
  3. After this enter the Gender and Date of Birth of the Applicant, Education Qualification, and Occupation of the Applicant.
  4. Enter the address details like Door Number, Town, Village, Post Office, and Pin Code in the Address Details Section.
  5. Now enter District, Assembly Constituency, Epic No, Polling Station, S.I No. in police station.
  6. Select the educational qualification option Graduate or Diploma.
  7. Now enter the institute details like University’s Name, Passed out Year, and upload the documents needed like scanned photograph and scanned certificates.
  8. Now select the constituency for which the applicant name has been included.
  9. Select the District.
  10. Enter the valid mobile number and email id.
  11. Now click on submit.

This election decision will help to include the youth in the politics which help to build the nation effectively and create fresh ideas and energetic thinking for the betterment of the people of India. This will help to ruin the narrow vision of people towards many traditions and helps to create a new India.

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FAQ of Telangana MLC Voter Registration

Which is the last date for registering the Telangana MLC Votes in Form-18?

Answer:The last date for registering the Telangana MLC Votes is 06 November 2020

What is the eligibility for the Telangana MLC Registration 2023?

Answer: The applicants who have completed 3 years of graduation course by 01 November 2023 are eligible for the Telangana MLC Voter Registration.

How Can i Apply For MLC Voter Registration Telangana?

You just have to fill the Form 18 Offline.

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