(Payment Status) nrega.nic.in 2023-24 Job Card List, MGNREGA Job Card Online Registration

(Payment Status) nrega.nic.in 2023-24 Job Card List, MGNREGA Job Card Online Registration

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(State Wise) NREGA Job Card List 2023-24, MGNREGA Job Cards Online Registration,  Download State Wise MGNREGA Job Cards, Payment Status for Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, West Bengal and others. at Official Website nrega.nic.in. 

The Ministry of Rural Development of Government of India also known as MGNREGA will provide Mahatma Gandhi Job cards. Under this scheme, job cards are given to poor families living in villages.

The objective behind this NREGA Scheme is to improve the living standard of people that belong to rural areas. This is done by providing them with a job guarantee of 100 days of wage employment. People who are registered under the scheme can check their names in the NREGA job card list.

By getting the NREGA Job Card List people can get the surety of work. so that they can earn the money for their family. You can get the work under this scheme in your own local area. as per the direction of the government, people will get a hundred percent job guarantee.

You can apply online for the NREGA Job Card from your panchayat. Then You have to visit there are ask to the entry you in the same scheme.

nrega.nic.in 2023-24 Job Card List

MGNREGA stands for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Under this act government will provide at least 100 days of guaranteed employment to every rural people whose adult members are ready to do unskilled manual work.

MGNREGA is made especially for the development of rural areas and it only provides employment to rural area people. Districts having a 100% urban population will be exempted from this scheme.

NREGA Job Card List

NREGA Job Card List Download

Many states promote this MNREGA scheme more and more and Under the MGNREGA the Rajasthan state government has started a campaign whose tagline is “पूराकाम, पूरादाम” means a full payment to that person who has completed his work on a given time limit.

As of now on daily basis MGNREGA workers received a maximum wage of Rs. 220/-.

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MGNREGA Job Cards Download nrega.nic.in 2023-24

Many people have lost their jobs due to this coronavirus so many unskilled workers had lost their jobs. At this crucial time, the NREGA scheme will become beneficial for a number of people in the country.

The number of people registered in the NREGA portal increased day by day. A total of 5.84 lakh people in Hyderabad will be registered during the lockdown.

Whereas in Telangana around 1.12 Cr. individual has registered themselves in the portal out of which around 59% are women.

NREGA Job Payment Status

Under this scheme, the government of different states provides job opportunities for poor people so that they can earn money for their livelihood.

The NREGA scheme is used to provide unskilled labor work for up to 100 days in a financial year.

  • It is the duty of the Ministry of Rural Development to prepare the job card for the poor citizen in all states
  • If your area/village uses NREGA Job Card 2020then the citizen who had their name on the NREGA list can apply for the MNREGA Scheme.

MNREGA Job Card List Benefits

  • It is easier to check the details related to the NREGA Scheme Job Card through the online portal from anywhere.
  • One can easily download the Job Card List by simply checking their name in the MNREGA Job Card List 2023.
  • Anyone can apply for this scheme and make sure that they should meet the eligibility criteria for the NREGA Scheme and can apply for labor work.
  • This job card list will provide all the information related to the type of work, it’s timing and wages.
  • Under the MNREGAscheme, the government will provide employment to all unskilled workers within a 5 KM radius of their residence and minimum wages are to be paid to the worker.
  • It is the duty of the government to provide employment within 15 days from the date of application, in failure to do so the Government is liable to pay the employment allowance to the applicant.

Verification and Updation of NREGA Job Card

This is the duty of every district coordinator and the state government to run a campaign to verify or update the Job card. If any such campaign was conducted in your state/district then do participate in it

  1. SECC Tin number,
  2. Verification of bank or post office account number.
  3. Duly attested photo of the worker attested by the competent officer.
  4. Type of work done and the allocation must be updated in the Job.

How to check nrega.nic.in 2023-24 Job Card List nrega.nic.in

  • Visit, the official portal of the scheme is www.nrega.nic.in.
  • Go to the job card section under the Reports section of the website of MGNREGA
nrega.nic.in 2022-23
nrega.nic.in 2022-23
  • Select the name of the state where the applicant is currently residing.
  • Now select District, Financial Year, Panchayat, and Block. Once all details get filled then need to click on the submit button.
  • After this NREGA Job Card List 2023 will get appear on the screen and applicants will check the name mentioned in the job card list.
  • Applicants should have to check their details on the job card and the details of wages paid to them.

NREGA Job Card 2023 Online Registration

Fund transfer order will be tracked  by following steps:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Go to the Reports section and click on Track FTO.
  3. Enter the FTO number Reference number or transaction number.
  4. Click on search after filling in the details and the applicant will be able to track FTO.

Check NREGA Payment Status Details

Now all the candidates who work under this NREGA Scheme can check their payment status.

  1. persons can get their payment in their bank account which is transferred by the officials www.nrega.nic.in.
  2. So in which do you get the paycheck from that bank passbook by entering the same?
  3. in this way, you can check the payment.

State Wise nrega.nic.in Job Card List 2023-24

Click the “View List” link in front of the name of your state or union territory in the below table and check the above procedure to download the detailed MGNREGA Job Card List for any financial year from 2010-2011 to 2023-24.

S. No. Name of State Job Card List
1 Andaman & Nicobar (UT) View List
2 Andhra Pradesh View List
3 Arunachal Pradesh View List
4 Assam View List
5 Bihar View List
6 Chandigarh (UT) View List
7 Chhattisgarh View List
8 Dadra & Nagar Haveli (UT) View List
9 Daman & Diu (UT) View List
10 Goa View List
11 Gujarat View List
12 Haryana View List
13 Himachal Pradesh View List
14 Jammu Kashmir and Laddakh (UT) View List
15 Jharkhand View List
16 Karnataka View List
17 Kerala View List
18 Lakshadweep View List
19 Madhya Pradesh View List
20 Maharashtra View List
21 Manipur View List
22 Meghalaya View List
23 Mizoram View List
24 Nagaland View List
25 Odisha View List
26 Puducherry (UT) View List
27 Punjab View List
28 Rajasthan View List
29 Sikkim View List
30 Tamil Nadu View List
31 Tripura View List
32 Uttar Pradesh View List
33 Uttarakhand View List
34 West Bengal View List

FAQs of nrega.nic.in Job Card List

What is an NREGA Scheme?

NREGA scheme is a job guarantee scheme for rural area people in which they will get employment of minimum of 100 days.

What is FTO Stand For?

Fund Transfer Office is the word in MNREGA.

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