Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Kerala Online Application Form

Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Kerala Online Application Form

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Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Kerala Online Application Form, CMHLS Loan Application Form, CM Interest Free Loans, Kerala CM Helping Hand Loan Scheme 2022, Interest Free Loan for Kudumbashree Women.

A very new scheme for the welfare of the women of the Kerala state has been launched by the state government of the state. The scheme is introduced with the name of Sahayahastham Scheme 2022.

Under this scheme, state government of the Kerala state provide the interest free loan to the women self help groups of the state. There are approx. 22.77 Lakh women who already getting the benefting under this scheme.

To provide them the benefit under this scheme, stat government invest of Rs.2000 Crore. Many of the people lost their job during this Covid-19. Now with the helpof this scheme state government provide the financial help to them.

Sahayahastham Scheme 2020 Kerala

This scheme is also known as the Kerala CM Hand Loan Scheme 2022. There are so many self help group which play the important role for the betterment of the economy of the state. With the help of these Self Help groups, women who live in the Village and rural areas of the state can earn the money for their families.

Due to the Covid-19, these women stop the work due to the lack of the money. So with the help of this Kerala Sahayahastham Interest Free Loan Scheme. To take the benefit under this scheme, you have to  know everything about this scheme. you collect the information of this scheme like Feature of scheme, online application form, online registration for this scheme, eligibility criteria for this scheme etc.

Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Kerala

Under the Sahayahastham Scheme of the Kerala state, the bank participating in this scheme will provide the loan to the beneficiaries at 9% of interest. The same 9% will be paid by the state government of Kerala.

Kudumbashree is also the government programme in which the poverty eradication can be take place. There are more than 1.95 Lakh NHGs ( Neighborhoos Groups) Under this Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme 2021.

Highlights of CM Interest Free Loan

Title of Scheme: Sahayahastham Scheme 2022/
Interest Free Loan Scheme
or CM Helping Hand Loan scheme.
State belongs: Kerala.
Announced By : Pinarayi Vijayan
Announcement date: 22nd April 2020.
Beneficiaries of scheme: Women of state.
How to apply: Online
Post type: Government schemes of Kerala.
Aim of scheme: To provide the interest free loan to the beneficiaries.
Loan amount sanction : Rs.5,000 to Rs.20,000/-

Major Features of CM Helping Hand Loan Scheme

  • With the help of this scheme, state government want to support the women of the Self help Group Financial. So that they can earn the money for their family.
  • In this scheme, applicants will get the loan at zero interest. The interest on this scheme will be given to the bank by the state government.
  • You can take the maximum loan of Rs.20,000/- by applying online.
  • You can payback the loan in this scheme within 3 years after the sanctioning the loan.
  • In this scheme, the online registration is very easy. Just sitting at home, you can apply online for this scheme.
  • To run smooth this scheme, state government released the budget of Rs.20,000 Crore.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any person who is the permanent residents of the state of Kerala is eligible in this scheme.
  • Women allow to get the benefit under this scheme only if he belongs to the women Neighbourhood Gorups.
  • Only registered group can submit the online application under this scheme.
  • Before applying for this scheme, you have the bank account in name of your Self Help group.

Document Required

  • Residential proof document of Kerala state is required to submit with the application form.
  • Every member of the group have to submit their ID proof.
  • Self Help group registered proof document.
  • Bank account detail which is open in the bank in name of SHG.

Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme Online application Form

To get the benefit under this scheme, you may have to submit the online application form for this scheme. after making the announcement of this scheme, they did not disclose the facts about the Online application form for this Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme 2022. As and when they launched the official portal for this scheme, we will provide you with the information related to this scheme. Till date sty in touch with us.

if You have any question in your mind regarding this Kerayal Sahayahastham Scheme 2022, then you can ask us in the comment Section. Stay in touch with us for More detail.

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What is mean by Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme 2022?

This is the government scheme which is launched by the Kerala state to provide the interest free loan to the beneficiaries.

What is the maximum and minimum loan amount under CM Interest Free Loan Scheme for Women SHG’s?

The maximum loan amount is Rs.20,000/- and minimum of Rs.20,000/-.

Who are the main beneficiaries under this NHG Loan Scheme?

Only the women who are the member of SHG.

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