Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023 Online Registration | Contact Number

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023 Online Registration | Contact Number

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Play Along Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023 Online Registration, Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition Contact Number, Anchinodu Inchodinchu Starting Date,

Today with the help of this article you will be going to get the information about the Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023 Online Registration Detail. This show is a quiz show which is aired in the Kerala state on the TV show.

This show is telecast on the television for the viewers so that everyone can easily take part in the show. After taking part in the show you can win the prize money daily. This show is host by the Super Star Suresh Gopi. He is very much loved by the audience and other people who watch this show.

Kerala Anchinodu Inchodinchu is the Malayalam version of the Hindi Version of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Apart from this show the Suresh Gopi also hosted another show with the name of Ningakllum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran. The show get huge success every year.

So now if you also want to take part in the show then you have to collect the complete information about the Kerala Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023. Now with the help of this article, you will get the complete information about How to Register for Kerala Anchinodu Inchodinchu 2023, eligibility Criteria, Apply Online for Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023 Online registration.

Kerala Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023

There are so many people who want to share their talent and intelligence with other people. So that they can take part in the show. To date, we don’t have any Anchinodu Inchodinchu 2023 start date but very soon it can be declared by the show makers.

After making the announcement for the starting date you all can eligible to make the online registration for the show. After that, you all can easily take part in the show.

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition

As we know that due to the Covid-19 the show makers make changes in the online registration process. To avoid the gathering of the people at one place they are going to conduct the digital auditions for the show.

So now all that candidates who are interested to make the Online Registration for the Anchinodu Inchodinchu 2023 can log in to the official website of the show.

The official website of the Surya TV is

After visiting on the official website you can collect the complete detail of the show.

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Online Registration 2023

So now if we are talking about the Anchinodu Inchodinchu show then it is a very unique Game TV show. Which is hosted by the very famous Mr. Suresh Gopi. This is a fun and brain-bending quiz show.  This show is based on the school textbook for the contestant from all the fifth grades.

After giving the correct answer of any question you can get the chance to win the prize money of Rs.1 Crore. This is really huge prize money for the common people of the state.

All adults and kids can watch this show. This show also allows the contestants as Kids and adults too. As per the latest information to win the 1 Crore rupees, the show makers will test the knowledge of the adult contestant in comparison with intelligent students from class 5th grade.

This is very interesting show. And exciting to watch how the adult contestant responds to the knowledge of the children.

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Show timing 2023

As we already told you that this show is telecast on the State Kerala Channel i.e. Surya TV.

The show is run every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from about 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

The duration of this show is 1 hour.

This is really unique type of show on which the show makers compare the knowledge of the adult contestant with the children. With the help of this show, you can also boos your confidence and better person in the future too.

There are so many children from all over the state who wants to be a part of the show. They will be smarter than the other person.

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition Starting Date 2023

This show is already started from the 23rd August 2023. The show now run very smoothly on the Channel/

And the people also love to watch this show every days. In the period of Corona, this show make the smile on the every one face.

If you also wants to be the part of the show then you have to register for the show to be the part of the show. Date when PAG is available for playing
1 23 August 2023
2 24 August 2023
3 25 August 2023
4 30 August 2023
5 31 August 2023
6 01 September 2023
7 06 September 2023
8 07 September 2023
9 08 September 2023
10 13 September 2023
11 14 September 2023
12 15 September 2023
13 20 September 2023
14 21 September 2023
15 22 September 2023
16 27 September 2023
17 28 September 2023
18 29 September 2023
19 04 October 2023
20 05 October 2023
21 06 October 2023
22 11 October 2023
23 12 October 2023
24 13 October 2023
25 18 October 2023
26 19 October 2023
27 20 October 2023
28 25 October 2023
29 26 October 2023
30 27 October 2023
31 01 November 2023
32 02 November 2023
33 03 November 2023
34 08 November 2023
35 09 November 2023
36 10 November 2023
37 15 November 2023
38 16 November 2023
39 17 November 2023
40 22 November 2023
41 23 November 2023
42 24 November 2023
43 29 November 2023
44 30 November 2023
45 01 December 2023
46 06 December 2023
47 07 December 2023
48 08 December 2023
49 13 December 2023
50 14 December 2023
51 15 December 2023
52 20 December 2023
53 21 December 2023
54 22 December 2023
55 27 December 2023
56 28 December 2023
57 29 December 2023
58 03 January 2024
59 04 January 2024
60 05 January 2024

Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contestants List 2023

The list of contestants has not been yet declared by the show makers. Everyone who wants to be the part of the show can check the contestant list from the website.

You can also check the name in the list on the Television. The show makers will choose the kids from the different phases of the life to produce them on the show.

Apply Online for Anchinodu Inchodinchu Audition 2023 Online Registration Steps

  • First of all You have to download the Sun TAX Application in your mobile phone. This application is available at free of cost in the play store app.
  • Now if you are first time user then you have to login by using your mobile number.
  • Then you complete the online registration by putting the other information they required.
  • Now have to click on the link of All Play Along.
  • You can also select the language i.e. english and Malayalam.
  • Click on the button Play now.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Audition

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