Karnataka Arundhati / Maitreyi Scheme 2022 (Marriage Scheme for Brahmin Bride) Apply Online at ksbdb.karnataka.gov.in

Karnataka Arundhati / Maitreyi Scheme 2022 (Marriage Scheme for Brahmin Bride) Apply Online at ksbdb.karnataka.gov.in

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Karnataka Arundhati / Maitreyi Scheme 2022 (Marriage Scheme for Brahmin Bride) Apply Online at ksbdb.karnataka.gov.in, Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Brahmin Marriage Scheme 2022.

A Very new and unique scheme has been launched by the state government of the Karnataka State. The name of this scheme is Karnataka’s Brahmin Marriage Scheme 2022. Under which the state government of the Karnataka  provide the financial assistance of Rs.3 Lakh to the Poor Priest and 25 Thousands Rupees bond in the name of Poor Brahmin Bride belongs to the Weaker sections.

This scheme is launched with the Karnataka State Brahmin development Board of the state. These are two new scheme in which the state government provides the cash or financial help to the Bhramin Bride.

Karnataka Arundhati / Maitreyi Scheme 2022

The Present government of the Karnataka state launched so many scheme for all types of communities of the state. Now they take the next attempts toward the Brahmin community in which they going to provide the cash help to the poor Brahmin bride. These two scheme named having Arundhati and Maitreyi . Here we discussed with you about both the scheme which is now launched.

Karnataka Arundhati  Maitreyi Scheme

Karnataka Brahmin Marriage Scheme 2022

Now the Brahmin development Board of Karnataka state launched two new marriage scheme related to the Brahmin Bride. In which they offer the 25 Thousand rupees bond if the Brahmin Girls marrying to any persons and Rs.3 Lakh bond given to the Poor Brahmin Girl if she marrying to the Poor Pries of the state. Any Girl having the weak economically background can get this amount for their marriage.

Highlights of Karnataka’s Brahmin Marriage Scheme

Name of Scheme Karnataka Brahmin Marriage Scheme
Scheme Under Thisscheme Arundhati Scheme  or Maitreyi Scheme
Benefit Provide Rs.25,000 Given under Arundhati Scheme , Rs.3 Lakh under Maitrey Scheme
Department Concerned Brahmin Development Board
Government belongs Karnataka
Post Category Karnataka Government Scheme.

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme 2022

So now first we mention with you about the Arundathi Scheme as launched by the state government of the Karnataka. In this scheme the state government will provide Rs.25,000 to the poor Brahimn. In this scheme more than 500girls are going to be identify by the Brahmin Welfare Department of the Board,

Karnataka Maitreyi Scheme 2022

In this Karnataka Maitrey Scheme state government provide the Rs.3 Lakh to the poor Brahmin Girls if they marries to a Pries. In this scheme 25 Bride are recognized by the board in which they are going to take the financial help by the state government.  The Amount given under this scheme is used over three year after getting the marriage.

Apart from these scheme the Board also launched a different scheme for the persons, if they are interesyed to traianed in Puja Ritual then they will get Rs.500 Per months.

Installment of Amount Given under Maitri Scheme 2022 Karnataka

So the amount of Rs.3 Lakh has been given to the girl who is poor Brahmin and if she marrying with the Brahmin who belongs to the BPL families and also be a Priests and cook. The Rs.3 Lakh rupee bond will be issued in the name of the Bride and they can used this amount over three years after the date of marriage. 

After marriage they have to stay as a couple for 3 years. Three installment of Rs.1 Lakh has been given for three years. This amount can be released in the name of bride at the end of every year.

Apply Online for Karnataka Brahmin Marriage Scheme 2022 / Arundhati Scheme/ Maitri Scheme Application  Form

  • To take the benefit under this scheme you just have to apply online for this scheme, so that the bride of the state can take this amount after their marriage.
  • You have to make the online registration by visiting the official website of the Karnataka Brahmin development Board.
Karnataka Brahmin Marriage Scheme 2021
  • The official website of the board is https://ksbdb.karnataka.gov.in .
  • On the top of this website you will get the Sign Link to click on that you can make the online registration for the Maitri Yojana or Arundhati Scheme 2022.
  • To apply online for these scheme has been started after the announcement of the scheme.
  • All the couples who want to take the benefit of this scheme have to make the online registration.

Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka’s Brahmin Marriage Scheme 2022

Under this scheme there are two different scheme in which the eligibility criteria for the Karnataka Arundhati Maitreyi Scheme is different from one another. So to take the benefit of this scheme you have to obey the eligibility criteria for both the scheme.

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme Eligibility Criteria :

  • Couples belongs to the State of Karnataka.
  • Bride should belongs to the economically weaker section groups.
  • She is also holder of BPL ration Card.
  • In this scheme the Bond of Rs.25,000 has been given in the name of bride.

Karnataka Maitrey Scheme Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Both bride and groom belongs to the state of Karnataka.
  2. If the Poor Brahmin Bride marrying to the Poor Brahmin Boy, Priests or Poor Cook, then she can take the benefit of this scheme.
  3. This is the first of marriage of both the couple.
  4. In this scheme Rs. 3Lakh bond has been given to the bride name.
  5. This amount can be given in three installment of Rs.1 Lakh every end of years.
  6. They have to stay as a couple for 3 years to take the benefit of this scheme.

Documents Required for Arundhati Scheme / Maitrey Scheme

  • Marriage registration Documents.
  • Marriage Invitation Card.
  • Identity Card of Girl and Boy.
  • Photograph.
  • Bank account of Girls.

State Brahmin development Board Website Link.

Karnataka Government Scheme 2021.

FAQ’s of Arundhati/ Maitri Scheme Karnataka

What is Mean by Karnataka Arundhati Maitreyi Scheme 2022?

These two are the scheme of Brahmin Bride Marriage Scheme under which state government of Karnataka provide the financial help to the bride at the time of their marriage.

What Amount given under Karnataka Brahmin marriage Scheme 2022?

so there are tow scheme under this single scheme. In which for Arundhti Scheme Rs.25,000 bond given to the girls in shape of bond and in case of Maitri Scheme beneficiary will get Rs.3 Lakh from the side of Government.

Is This scheme only applicable for Poor Brahmin Girls?

yes only the girls belongs to the Brahmin and having BPL ration card are eligible for the scheme.

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